10 Korean Dramas Not To Be Missed Out By a K-Drama Beginner! 

Do you have a kdrama crazy friend who is pestering you to start watching kdramas? If you are thinking of not giving it a try, then let me tell you that you are making the WORST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE!! You should definitely give them a try and for your help, here are 10 of the amazing kdramas that you shouldn’t miss out on! This is also for the level 1 kdrama fans who have started with a drama already and wondering what to watch next? And as for the experts in kdramas, well, cross check if you have watched all of them. Enjoy!

1.  The Master’s Sun

This drama can be called one of the ‘cult-classic’ of kdramaland.  The chemistry between Kong Hyo-Jin and So Ji-Sub will make you melt till the core. The reserved president with a hidden past and the crazy girl who clings onto him to feel normal will make you laugh, cry and fall in love, at the same time. Although the spirits lurking around is quite significant in this drama, I recommend all the horror hating people not to ignore this because of it. You will thank God later that you didn’t avoid it!

2. Winter Sonata


The show that has been ruling the hearts of people since its release in 2002, and will continue to rule forever. It’s the kind of love story that will make your heart lurch with a longing pain and will continue to haunt you even after you have finished the drama. The drama that brought the ‘hallyu-wave’ over the entire world, everything about it from its shooting sites, the ost and the leads is perfect. Choi Ji-Woo became a star overnight due to this drama. The smiling face of Bae Yong-Jun will get etched in your heart forever.

3. Love In The Moonlight

We all love Korean historical dramas, don’t we? The elegance and the grace in them is something that can never be ignored. If you are looking for a historical drama with the perfect blend of romance, comedy, action and of course, drama, love in the moonlight is just the right one for you. The all grown up Kim You-Jung is a thrill to watch and I bet you can  never find a much cuter Crown Prince than Park Bo-Gum.

4. My Love From The Star


2013 gave us some of the most wonderful kdramas. After the master’s sun, we have this another ‘daebak’ drama produced in the same year. A beautiful love story with a sci-fi twist, my love from the star will always find the top spot in your list of most loved kdramas. The comic timing of Gianna Jun is always a 10/10 while Kim Soo-Hyun will make you feel hot with his hotness. The crackling chemistry between the two leads and a brilliant cast will make you sit with awe throughout the whole drama.

5. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Recently released this year, strong woman Do Bong-Soon definitely finds its place in my list. Unique storyline, brilliant star cast, perfect mix of comedy, romance and with a strong social message, this rom-com is definitely one of the top 5 productions of 2017. Park Bo-Young is the most adorable creature alive right now, Park Hyung-Sik is a God gift to crazy fangirls like us and to add cherry to the cake, we have the king of second lead syndrome Jisoo, too. God save the fangirls!

6. My Lovely Sam-Soon

What happens when the rich, handsome heir falls in love with a girl who is elder to him, is out of shape and of course with the funniest name a girl can ever have in South Korea? No matter how many times you watch it, this rom-com will make you laugh out loud every time. The young Hyun-Bin with his dimples and crazy hairstyle is totally irresistible. Kim Sun-Ah actually gained weight for this role and trust me, you are just gonna love this lady. Go Sam-Soon!

7. She Was Pretty

The rom-com with literally no negative vibes and no villain! From the pilot episode to the final one, you are just gonna have a wide smile all over your face while watching it. Park Seo-Joon romancing his leading lady is gonna make you blush and wish maybe you were in place of her? Hwang Jang-Eum brings life to the role of Kim Hye-Jin and no one can do it better than her! The best second lead actor goes to Choi Si-Won, you just can’t help falling in love with man.

8. Innocent Man

The drama that most people haven’t watched probably. But it definitely makes it to my list and I recommend everyone to give this romantic melodrama a shot. Song Joon-Ki and Moon Chae-Won are just brilliant in their roles and the way their love story begins is a beautiful one! It has an intriguing storyline which makes you keep wanting for more at the end of each episode. Definitely makes it worthy of binge-watching.

9. Full House

If you are into light hearted romantic comedies, then this one is just for you. This popular rom-com even got a season two to it in full house-take 2. Song Hye-Kyo and Rain make an adorable pair. Their silly fights, the beautiful house and of course Han Ji-Eun’s PJ’s are what you gonna love most about this show!

10. I Hear Your Voice

If crime drama is your favourite genre, then you shouldn’t miss out on this legal drama with a psychological twist. What happens when they are faced with a killer who has  a personal vendetta that entwines all of their lives? We also get to see a ‘noona’ love story here. Lee Jong-suk does justice to his role as always. Lee Bo-Young plays our next door noona with a no nonsense attitude. The suspense is gonna make you get hooked till you finish it up all. A must-watch!

I firmly believe that you are gonna enjoy all the above 10 kdramas. They gonna make you laugh, cry, fall in love, get your heart broken and most importantly, gonna make you want even more. That my friend, is the beauty of a kdrama! Keep watching,keep enjoying!