10 Reasons Kdrama Fans Can’t Chill

A non-Kdrama fan won’t easily understand the difficulties and dilemmas a fan goes through.

~The feels, the emotions, the sceneries and the beautiful creatures called k-celebrities who make life hard for us all fans out here~

kdrama fan

*Life of a k-drama fan*

We compiled a list of reasons why being a Kdrama fan is not a piece of cake, so next time somebody is teasing you about why you think your life is hard, show them this article and make your eyes *watery* for extra effects.

2nd Lead Syndrome

For once we thought, 2nd Lead Syndrome should be given first place at least somewhere, so here they are in first place.

This syndrome is real and serious. Approximately nine out of ten Kdrama fans suffer from this–watching the scenes of the second lead with a hand on your heart to control the overdose of feels. And bawling your eyes out is normal. Most of the time, gorgeous actors such as Choi Siwon from She Was Pretty or Kim Woo Bin from the Heirs make it even more difficult to control your rage. Kdrama-fan life is hard, man!

Waiting for Subtitles

If you have already watched all your stored dramas, and cannot wait for a drama to complete because how can you wait for two and half months for oppa to complete his drama while SNS is filled with spoilers and you have to keep up with the ongoing episodes, then our friends, we do admit you are done for!

The language barrier is something most international fans suffer from. For an episode to come out and to sub, it may take a whole day. Waiting is the hardest part when you are on a cliffhanger, and sometimes when you cannot wait anymore,..

..you lose the patience and try to watch the raw episode to catch up, and you end up smiling when they are smiling and crying when they are crying because you can not understand a thing. It’s okay, we have all been there.

every kdrama fan ever

every kdrama fan ever

Too much feels

Science is still researching about why the force is strong with this one.

The feelings are completely different when we see a kiss between any American movie or series and the one we see in Kdramas. The romance, the breakup and patch up, and the emotions going on in Kdramas are much stronger and are felt on the soul level.

We cannot help but cry when they cry or laugh when they laugh or feel butterflies in our stomach when watching some romance or loveingly cute scenes. How hard it is to feel all these emotions for virtual characters is something not everyone can fully explain.

When an Episode Ends with a Cliffhanger

It’s the worst yet brilliant thing a writer can do to us. Ending an episode on a cliffhanger.

Waiting for a week is not for everyone. The cliffhanger ending gets stuck in your head. You want to know what happens RIGHT NOW!!!

it makes the daily chores more difficult than it already is. It is difficult to focus on things like brushing your teeth or even eating breakfast when the last episode of your drama ended on a ridiculous cliffhanger. You just cannot stop thinking about what’s gonna happen next and it’s the worst when the Kdrama shows the leads midway kissing but there is no kissing in the next episode, like seriously what the frick were you thinking director-nim?


A Kdrama fan has to do multitasking. To make time for other important things while watching a really nice series is not an easy task. But we all are superheroes in this task.

Not only doing your assignment and other house chores but even watching 7 ongoing dramas with different genres is something not everyone can do. It takes time and passion to keep doing it. Keeping up with the K-world is an important task too.

Standard for the Ideal Man

After becoming a Kdrama enthusiast, your ideal man changes. From prince charming to Oppa charming. Most fans don’t even get attracted to the people in their own country because of the standard Korean men has set for others. You also want sweet ayegyo from your boyfriend who will give you their Black Card and tell them that they like it when his woman spends his money.

Food Binging

Watching the actors eat delicious looking food all the time makes us all hungry. and we want to eat with them too.Kimchi, soju, rice cakes, and other Korean food have become our comfort food now.

watching them eat makes us all desire what they are eating and these cravings don’t go away unless fulfilled.

8- Sleep? What’s that??

There is no way getting out of a drama once we have started watching it. “sleep is for the weak” is the motto of all Kdrama lovers. to fit Korean dramas into the busy routine, the only way is to let the sleep go. and binge watch on favourite episodes of k-drama.

Drama Ending

Non-kdrama watchers won’t understand the dilemma when the drama has come to an end. After watching the last episode, we all feel a little lost and suffer from an existential crisis. Oh how we wish to start the drama again like the first time.

The struggle doesn’t end here. Searching for what to watch next is another rollercoaster ride. The-world-has-come-to-an-end kind of feeling is related to the ending of a drama, and the feeling of no drama will ever be that good stays, until we start watching another drama.

the HARDEST problem of all

After all the struggle we go through, we do not want to stop watching Kdramas because after all this, they are still worth the time. They make us happy. They teach us life lessons.

The struggles do not stop us; they makes us stronger. Even if your family and friends do not understand your struggles, don’t worry. We at Kdramabuzz understands you and your struggle. Fighting!



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