10 Underrated EXO Songs You Will Never Skip Again

EXO never fails to provide us with the greatest bops yet there are many songs with the stuck-in-your-head-potential that go almost unnoticed. We are about to show you ten hidden gems that you will never skip again in the future.

1. What If

To be fair, among the underrated songs, ‘What if‘ is a pretty well-known song. However, its beauty isn’t appreciated enough. It is such an emotional, heart-wrenching song everyone can relate to to some degree. If you’ve ever fallen in love with someone, but there is no way for you to be together, then let ‘What If’ be your anthem. (Even if the one you have in mind is an idol. We won’t judge here! )

Album: Exodus

2. Coming Over

Are you ready for this bop? Check out ‘Coming Over’! It is part of EXO’s second single album in Japan which was released in December 2016. Although the song was popular in the beginning, the rave surrounding it died out rather quickly. So, let’s bring ‘Coming Over’ back to life!

Album: Coming Over

3. Run This

We aren’t done with EXO’s Japanese songs yet! ‘Run This’ is another one which didn’t get much attention for a reason we don’t know. This one is aggressive, and it will boost your confidence for sure while walking down the streets.

Album: Coming Over

4. Thunder

This song is a chill, R&B-inspired song which confirms that EXO can pull off anything without any risk. It is a shame that ‘Thunder’ doesn’t have its own music video. So instead, let’s all appreciate this live version of it.

Album: Overdose

5. Heart Attack

Let’s all agree on ‘Heart Attack’ being lowkey bop. It isn’t the regular pop-sounding catchy bop, but trust us, you will catch yourself singing the chorus and following the beat when you listen to it. And honestly, this video really does give us a heart attack.

Album: XOXO

6. Hurt

Raise your hand if you are guilty of skipping ‘Hurt’ for no real reason whatsoever!

Shame on us! ‘Hurt’ does sound unfamiliar, tense and creepy in the beginning, granted, but it shows yet another facet of EXO’s uncountable number of concepts they can pull off with ease. So let’s agree on not skipping ‘Hurt’ again, okay?

Album: Exodus

7. Run

Upbeat and Fun. These are the only words we need to describe this song. Put it on and you will know what we are talking about. And one more thing: you will be jumping around your room whilst singing along for sure!

Album: Overdose

8. Black Pearl

May we introduce to you the song you may know but probably have forgotten about? ‘Black Pearl’ – the gem of their album XOXO. Many EXO-L’s argue that this should have been the title track to the album and we can totally understand why (Even though we can all agree that Wolf will always be an, if not the most, iconic EXO song out there).

Album: XOXO

9. Cloud 9

Here’s another song with an intro that you will need to get used to. However, the recurring “girl you got me flying up“ part is such a fun line which makes ‘Cloud 9’ an especially extraordinary song.

Album: EX’ACT 2016

10. Can’t Bring Me Down

Only one word is needed to describe ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’: Empowering. If you feel as if the world is against you and if you need a little bit of musical encouragement, this is the song for you. ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’ is a major badass song that you definitely need on your playlist. When everything goes wrong, remember: You will never ever bring me down.

Album: LOTTO – The 3rd Album Repackage

Which of these underrated EXO songs is your favourite ? Let us know!

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