Is 1Million’s HyoJin Choreographing Bae Suzy’s Comeback?!

The truth is that this is all speculation, however, there is a 50% chance that all these rumors buzzing around may be correct.

These rumors started out because of the video HyoJin posted on her Instagram, which she later deleted, and which Suzy re-posted on her own Instagram. The video shows HyoJin and the actress dancing the former’s choreography along with “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry.

The caption Suzy wrote for the video (It was breathtaking/ 아슬 아슬 했다) indicates that Suzy admires the choreography HyoJin created and that the process of learning it was one unlike any other. However, this still leaves a huge question lingering in the air:

Is HyoJin going to choreograph the dance to Suzy’s new song?

Well, the answer to this question is still a mystery. To contradict, it would come as no surprise if the two were working together. Suzy has worked with 1Million in the past and the results have been amazing. The first time she worked with 1Million, according to, was seven months ago with 1Million choreographer Mina Myoung.

Mina created choreography to Suzy’s song “Yes, No, Maybe” and then JYP Entertainment altered some parts to make it easier for Suzy to sing and dance simultaneously.

To revert to the current buzz, before Suzy posted the video of herself and HyoJin flawlessly dancing, she posted a video of herself falling whilst attempting to dance HyoJin’s choreography.

It comes as no shock to us that Suzy Bae is more of a singer than anything. Although Suzy is an amazing dancer, dancing is not her strongest suit. Hence, another possibility regarding HyoJin is that Suzy could be receiving private dance lessons from her. This would actually make the most sense because they are dancing to a song by Katy Perry.

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Furthermore, the caption on the first video Suzy posted reads: My legs are loose. Next time we will go slow and easy/ 다리에 힘이 풀림.. 다음엔 느리고 쉬운걸로 해요우리. Through the caption itself, you can see how hard Suzy is working to be a better dancer and give us an amazing comeback. Trust me; I can tell you first-hand how HyoJin’s choreography is intense as heck.

Moreover, perhaps HyoJin realizes how hard her choreography would be for Suzy and so would like to get her used to it. Perhaps Suzy’s new comeback will be choreographed by HyoJin Choi?

Even though we don’t know the facts for sure, let’s continue to support Suzy Bae for all the hard work she does to keep her fans happy and interested. And, if you haven’t already, watch the teaser for the new drama she will be in!

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