4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Out on ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ and Its Uniqueness

Most KDrama enthusiasts, as we hate to admit, are not big fans of historical dramas.

That is until some of those ‘most’ decided to watch Scarlet Heart Ryeo and have their lives take a 180-degree turn.

What’s so great about this drama, you may ask. Well, let us enlighten you and give you only 4 reasons out of a hundred on why you should not miss out on this masterpiece.

Image courtesy of SBS

1. Cast-

As we all do, we check out the list of actors acting in a certain drama and accordingly we decide to watch or not. Let us give you heads up and tell you that the cast of this drama is one of the best. Ranging from the main leads to the ones playing supporting roles. We have Lee Joon-gi playing Prince Wang-so, the first male lead. Also, we get to see IU playing Hae-soo as the female lead.

And let us tell you that the chemistry between the two is just astounding and so surreal.

To make things even better, we get to see EXO’s Baekhyun, and actors Kang Ha-nuel, Nam Joo-hyuk and Ji Soo.

2. Plot-

The plot of this drama is defined by its uniqueness. The plot revolves around a girl who was dumped by, both her best friend and boyfriend. And was left alone with a broken heart and a cursed luck.

With some unfortunate turnings, she is thrown back in time between seven princes and a battle for the crown plus a heartbreaking love story.

The plot is not your everyday plot, where you witness the main leads getting together fighting and in the end having a happy-go-lucky relationship.. oh not at all.

Despite, the heart wrenching scenes, our hearts are given some breaks with IU’s cuteness and Baekhyun’s bubbly personality. So, don’t worry you’ll have a good laugh at times!

3. OSTs-

And what’s a good drama without a lovely OST? We’ve got to admit that the OSTs of this drama are some of the best among those in other 2016 dramas. They are full of emotions, something that is not that helpful for us because it just causes us to shed more tears than ever. Moreover, the songs are sang by our favourite artists–artists who own voices that can shake us up.

4. History-

Watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a great opportunity to learn history in a not-so-fun way. It’s like having 20 episodes of free history classes with Lee Jung-gi and IU, what could go wrong? Aside from the tears that would be shed? No?

So while watching this drama and enjoying the acting, we can also educate ourselves of the Korean history and how it worked back in time. We can get some historical background on Goryeo era and the fight for the throne.

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