5 Admirable Features of BTS Park Jimin #KdramabuzzGreets


생일 축하 지민!


Happy 23rd Birthday, Park Jimin!

As we all know, when the clock struck twelve at midnight in South Korea, a young 95 liner named Park Jimin has turned 23 the Korean way!

We at Kdramabuzz could not miss out in celebrating along with other ARMYs around the world! As a gift for our mochi; we’d like to present you with..

..5 reasons on why we just love Jimin (and why you should too if you don’t)


Jimin’s (mochi) looks


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From his newbie look in 2013, to his very stylish Gucci look in 2017, Jimin will always be more and more charming to loveing ARMYs.2. Jimin’s dancing skills

Jimin’s dancing skills


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From hip hop to contemporary dances, Jimin is a dance machine! In case you don’t know, this idol used to go to Busan High School of Arts majoring in modern dance department before he went to Korea Arts High School with his fellow 95 liner and member, Kim Taehyung.

Jimin’s angelic vocals

Go see it for yourself.

Jimin’s care for his members


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Known for being such an angel; Jimin has always taken care of his fellow members. In several interviews and shows, members of BTS would point out Jimin as the most caring member. Even in Namjoon’s recent Vlive, Jimin sent his hyung a cup of coffee as he saw on the broadcast that Namjoon had ran out of coffee. In the Vlive; Namjoon asked him, “are you an angel?” Jimin simply replied “No, I’m a fairy”

Jimin’s love for ARMYs

Jimin has always been the one who posts updates and selcas on their official Twitter account.


Park Jimin; or Chim Chim, will always remain dear in our hearts.

What do you say, ARMYs? What’s your most favorite attribute of Jimin? Comment down below and let us know!


Happy Birthday again Chim Chim from all of us at Kdramabuzz ♥️

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