5 Hilarious, Charming KDrama Parodies by Idols

Yes, yes, it is not enough that we are suffering from KDramas. Now we have to deal with parodies done by our favourite idol groups.

Several boy groups took it upon themselves to reenact hit dramas. However, they added to it their humorous and unique touch that left us craving to see them on the big screen for real!

1. Winner-

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WINNER gifted us ‘The Heirs’ in a very twisted funny way. There won’t be a moment to pass without laughter. We guarantee you this. The members reenacted the scenes in a hilarious way. Seungyoon played as Kim Tan, the cool reversed kid, while Mino with his amusing facial expressions, succeeded in portraying Young-do’s cold personality perfectly.

Whereas Nam Taehyun played Eun-sang, the pitiful girl who has the world going against her, Seunghoon entertained us with his multi-role character whose one scene was hilariously depicting Kim Tan’s mother role. Jinwoo also played the mean girl who liked Kim Tan and made Eun-sang suffer. We can see that this role suited him best. He just looked beautiful.

We also had the chance seeing Seungri play Kim Tan’s father! This parody gives us access to know WINNER boys and their quirky personalities in a better angle away from their musical stages.

2. Big Bang-

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BIG BANG’s ‘Secret Garden’ AKA “Secret Big Bang” is considered one of the classics.

This parody just exposes us even more to the carefree attitude of BIG BANG and their silly amusing behavior. The classical love story takes a turn into a humorous foolish one with the acting of the five members. With TOP’s great yet moving acting skills and GD’s flawless feminine role, this parody leaves us breathless. Furthermore, we might witness a kiss or two throughout the episodes! So stay tuned.

3. Infinite-

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INFINITE reenacted the drama L acted in, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’. However, INFINITE’s version came out as a funny heartwarming one unlike the tear-jerking original we are used to. But we got to see L playing his role again with those cold eyes and laid back attitude!

4. Vixx-

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‘W Two Worlds’ was revived by Vixx’s members where N plays Nchul, the ‘righteous, kind, circular’ character, and Hongbin as Hongju. We follow them in this 10-minute parody as they unravel the truth and fight for their love in both worlds in a very entertaining way. Will vast-shouldere Hongju save circular dark Nchul from her brothers’ cruelness?

5. SHINee-

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In SHINee Over Flowers, we got to witness the rise of the new version of the F4. Beautiful, rich and talented SHINee boys rule over the school trying to win the new student’s heart, Onew. In this 5-minute parody, we see another side to Shinee, the funny perky personalities of the members.

However, a plot twist will be played at the end of the episodes that will leave us rolling on floor from laughter! So don’t miss out on it.

There are several parodies played by different idol groups that were not mentioned! Tell us down below your all-time favorite parody!
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