5 Phone Contents to Confirm One Is Getting Invaded by the Hallyu Wave

There’s no doubt that the Hallyu Wave is expanding throughout the globe. No gender, no age. There is no requirement to be among the growing population of enthusiastic fans.

You may not know that your friend, squad, brother, sister, and even your parents are getting invaded as well by the Wave.

Here are some pro tips on how to confirm that one was invaded already just by checking through their phones.


Of course! You should check and see their phone storage. Often, you’ll see “Storage space running out” and “some system function may not work”.

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This usually happens to KDrama fans due to several downloaded drama episodes for later binge-watching. A minimum of 1gb per KDrama series causes such space to run out. A single series usually takes up 16 to 20 episodes, while a weekend drama has 40 to 50+ episodes; each episode responsible for an hour or more.

It’s like saving 16 different movies. No doubt any fan’s phone storage will explode and run out of space.


Yep! Check their gallery is a must. A normal phone user may have photos of themselves and those work-related.

However, a KDrama or Kpop fan will have gorgeous photos of idols and actors, as well as stunning images of actresses as if cut out from a magazine.

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Count in as well the several screenshots of their favourite KDrama scenes and..

..Korean-related memes.




A Korean song is a must to every KDrama fan, all the more to Kpop enthusiasts. Every drama has its own set of beautiful, catchy and LSS-causing OSTs. So aside from keeping series on one’s phone, Kpop songs are surely on their playlist.

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Some of the songs they are likely to have are the following.

  • Ko ko bop – EXO
  • I’ll Pick Up – Standing Egg (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo OST)
  • Dope – BTS
  • As If It Were Last – Black Pink
  • Suddenly – Kim Bok Kyung (City Hunter OST)
  • Always – Yoon Mi Rae (Descendants of the Sun OST)
  • Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
  • Fantastic Baby – Big Bang
  • Love Light – CN BLUE
  • Reset – Tiger JK (School 2015 OST)
  • DNA – BTS
  • Wedding Dress – Taeyang (Big Bang)
  • Eyes, nose, lips – Taeyang (Big Bang)
  • Talk Love – K.Will  (Descendants of the Sun OST)
  • Return – Wendy and Seulgi (School 2015 OST)


A certified fan gets inspired by his/her bias or probably the poster of her favourite KDrama. Check it out on one’s lock screen and phone wallpaper.

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Since most fans rely on English subtitles when watching KDramas, most KDrama viewers have Korean dictionary apps, keyboard and such. It is their chosen material in order to learn the Korean language for free.

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Learn from the basics. First KDrama, and they won’t be contented with just watching it, so getting their own study material is a great help. Everything now is just one click and download away anyway, almost everything is digital.

The list is just some of the basics you need to check, even though just having only one from the list, they are surely in the way of getting invaded by the Hallyu Wave.