5 Reasons Why We Love BTS’ V

If you are a Kpop fan, you probably know that Kpop World is filled with an out-of-this-world handsome and talented idols. Among them is BTS’ V (Kim Taehyung) who has stood out, and made his way to the Kpop world!

5. V loves children


Watching him waiting for the cutiepie little boy is like watching a kid waiting for his candy to be handed to him. Also, is absolutely a boyfriend material!

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V (Kim Taehyung) is definitely the cutest and cheerful among the 7 but is also the most caring and loving when it comes to children. Seeing how he cared for those children made us all think about how he can be a perfect dad material as well! Taehyung also said that his father is his role model who cares and understands his children, his loves for kids makes us love him more.

Taehyung has mentioned before that his father is his role model who cares and understands his children. His love for kids makes us love him even more.

4. V is a real Genius

On a talk show where the members guested, they had a game on “How to know if the strawberries are ripe just by looking at it”. The choices given were “Strawberry seeds or Strawberry stem” but Taehyung answered like this, “This is coming from my grandmother’s bestfriend, but you can tell a strawberry is ripe, when the stem is flip upwards.” They laughed at V’s story but he ended up right! Well played, Taehyung! Keep it up!

3. V’s Background

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  • V’s real name is Kim Taehyung
  • Born on December 30, 1995
  • His nickname is Taetae and Blank Tae (cause he often shows no emotion)
  • He doesn’t skip a day without watching an episode of anime or cartoons.
  • He can play the saxophone.
  • V’s stage name means ‘victory.’ He revealed, “My stage name was chosen last. Six, Lex, V. Those three names were suggested, but the members and PD all said that V fit me the best and so I picked V to stand for victory.”
  • His favorite colors are black, white, and green.
  • His hometown is in Daegu.
  • He is yet to be in a serious relationship because he wants to marry his first love and be with her forever.

2. He can have a split personality.

V (Kim Taehyung) can be both a badass guy, and your dream cutie pie!

On stage, he is called V, and can be the badass boy that’ll totally make the crowd go wild! Can you be less hot than that? We can’t resist you V! From the lipbites and the sexy dance, can make your wildest fantasy come true!

On a daily basis, Kim Taehyung can be your daily dose of happines with a little touch of clumsiness and some unquestionable attitude that you’ll surely adore! I love the clumsy Taetae more.

Nevertheless, we love every part of you! And we’ll continually do! Just stay what you are Oppa!

1. His voice is unrealistically extraordinary for this world

Among the BTS members, we all know that V (Kim Taehyung) has the most incredible voice that captured our hearts. It’s hardly undeniable the fact that Kim Taehyung has the looks, humor, and the voice.

How can one possess all those qualities all at once? Is even real?

We can’t contain how lovely you are! We are gladly to have you all back!

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