5 Reasons Why Everyone is Falling for Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon has become one of the popular actors in South Korea after his latest drama Fight For My Way. His charismatic and funny character in the drama gained him many loyal fans. But what else does he possess that makes every girl fall for him? We’ve gathered 5 more reasons why we think everybody is falling for him.

#1 His Pretty Face

Image from MBC

We’d be lying if we didn’t include this reason, right? Of course we’ve fallen for Seo Joon’s handsome face. Who could resist this man with such handsome face?

#2 He’s funny

Image from Twitter

Knowing Park Seo Joon, you definitely know that he can pull off any rom-com dramas. Even in real life, he is the funniest, which makes the girls fall for him even more. We recommend you to watch Running Man’s episode 362.

#3 His Charisma

Image from BNT International

Who could ever resist his charisma? We are sure no one could! Looking back at his role in She Was Pretty,  we still fell for him, despite his stubborn and arrogant attitude as the deputy chief editor, right?

#4 His Out-Of-This-World Fan Service

Image from kstarlive

Do we need to say anything about this? This is definitely the ultimate fan service! He definitely took fan service to a whole new level.

#5 His Aegyo

Image from Naver

In Fight For My Way, he definitely showed a new side of him by doing a cringy aegyo that most girls love. Despite the “cringe-ness”, we loved it anyway. It became so popular that everyone starts doing it too.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article! Let us know your top 5 reasons why you love Seo Joon below in the comments.

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