5 Reasons Why Hyun Tae Woon from ‘School 2017’ is the Perfect Boyfriend

Last Tuesday, the latest edition of the popular “School” series came to an end.

Many fans mourn the end of “School 2017” which captured many viewers due to its interesting story line and the cute relationship between the main couple. Specifically, Hyun Tae Woon‘s behavior and attitude towards his loved one stood out to many. He’s the counterexample to the many KDrama leads who continued to act like complete jerks but still got the girl in the end.

In order to celebrate his great role and performance, here are five reasons why Hyun Tae Woon is the perfect boyfriend!

1. He continues to stick with you in difficult situations.

Ra Eun Ho & Hyun Tae Woon School 2017

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Tae Woon proved more than once that he has grown up from the past and isn’t going to run away anymore. No matter how hard or challenging the current situation may be, he will stay by your side no matter what and won’t leave you.

2. He is not afraid of his feelings.

Hyun Tae Woon & Ra Eun Ho

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Don’t we all wish for somebody who is confident with his feelings and doesn’t want to hide them? Well then Tae Woon is the perfect guy! While being totally in love with you, he also wants to share the happiness with other people and won’t stop to show his affections towards you no matter who is around.

3. He supports you in every possible way.

School 2017 Hyun Tae Woon

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You might not always want help but he will try to lift off some weights of your shoulders anyway. While you don’t always know that he helps you, it’s a sure thing that he hides somewhere in the shadows to build you up when you need it the most.

4. He accepts you the way you are.

Hyun Tae Woon

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He doesn’t try to change you; instead he will appreciate every trait you have, no matter how weird. While he knows exactly what you like, he also manages to surprise you and brings out new sides of yourself that even you didn’t know!

5. Your happiness is his number one priority.

Hyun Tae Woon and Ra Eun Ho Happiness

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Even if you don’t share all your problems with him, he won’t stop asking until he knows what’s bothering you so that he can help you with all his strength! Once, but also before, he knows he will try to lighten up your mood and makes you forget your sadness- because that’s what he can do best.

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