5 Run BTS! Episodes You Should Try Watching

Holiday season is the best time to watch the missed out Kdrama episodes we ignored during school/work days. But it’s also the time to watch some videos related to our favorite Kpop group.

One example would be the Run BTS. It started 2 years ago and still running up to this date. If you’re an ARMY, you’ve surely watched all of the episodes, but if you’re new to the fandom, let us recommend you these 5 Run BTS episodes that you could watch during the Holiday season.

#1 Episode 33 – Manito Mission and Games [Part 1]

It’s Christmas season, which means giving out some gifts is a practice. In this episode, the members of BTS picks their Manito and their mission. To carry out their missions, they play games. The 6th and 7th place will get a punishment.

#2 Episode 2 – Best Man [최고의 남자]

Run BTS just started. To know who the the best man is among them, they play several games to test out their strengths.

Who is the best man among the seven members? Go watch to know! *wink wink*

#3 Episode 5 – Sports Festival [한가위 맞이: 100초 운동회]

BTS members had their first sports day in the field. Each members is part and has to do a task since their game is a relay. They have to complete their tasks within 100 seconds. Thus, the Jin who can open anything using his feet is born.

#4 Episode 6 – Confession Time [꽁트: 고해성사 1 & 2]

In this episode, all the members confess their sins that they’ve committed to each other. You can never take them seriously in here, especially if you’re confessing to Suga.

#5 Episode 11 – BTS High [School Drama]

The BTS members pick out their roles in their first skit for a school drama. The highlight of this drama is Min Yoongi as the female transfer student. The other 6 members gives out their charm in character to make Min Yoongi notice them.

BONUS! Episode 29 – Billboard Pledge/Promise

The members went live after winning the Top Social Artist Award in Billboard that Justin Bieber has been consecutively winning. As a pledge to the ARMYs, they made a promise to style each other and in this episode, you will see them wearing each others’ clothes. You can definitely see they all have their own sense of style.

Is your favorite episode on the list? If not, let us know in the comments which ones were your favorite!