5 Must-do Activities for Your Visit in Daegu

Some Kdrama fans wish to visit South Korea to know how it feels like living in there, others want to breathe the same air as their Oppas. That’s why they go to visit Korea. The capital of South Korea is Seoul. Naturally that is the first place people marked as number one on their list of places they want to visit. However, there are more places to South Korea than Seoul! One prime example is Daegu.

Daegu is only 2 hours away by train from Seoul (make that four if you are going by bus). The other two popular provinces of South Korea are Busan and Jeju Island.  Both are frequently seen in Kdramas as well! But some dramas like Oh My Venus, Boys Over Flower and Love Rain have filmed in Daegu too.

Because we know that you guys are always looking for fun things to do that involve the Korean culture, we’ve gathered 5 cool things you can do in Daegu

#1 Go Kart in The Arc

Image from visitdaegu2011.blogspot.com

The Arc is one of the most popular tourist spots in Daegu as the huge Arc lights up at night. Not only can you take pictures with it, but you can also enjoy the night by driving Go Kart up until dawn. It’s open until 4am. You can see below that Gugudan’s Sejeong and Nayoung are enjoying their first night in Daegu by having a race around The Arc.

Image from KBS World YouTube

#2 Relive NamLee Moments in E-World

If you’re a fan of amusement parks, we recommend you to go visit E-World. Not only can you enjoy the scenery and rides, but you can also relive the moments of Jung Joon Hyung and Kim Bok Joo in this place. That’s right, one episode of the famous drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo was filmed here. Another thing that you can look forward to is the Daegu’s Dalgubeol Lantern Festival every April. Then, thousands of lanterns will be released to the sky to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday there!

Image from koreandramaland.com/listings/e-world

#3 Rent Retro School Uniforms

Image from KBS World YouTube

Hanboks are one of the famous clothes being rented in Korea, mostly in Seoul. But did you know you can also rent the old school uniforms that they used in Daegu? According to Sejeong and Nayoung’s episode in Battle trip, there is a place where you can rent those school uniforms for a cheap price (around 7,000 KRW). It’s somewhere around the Kim Gwangseok-gil Street, a special street dedicated to the late Kim Kwang Seok.

Image from Image from KBS World YouTube

#4 Eat Tripe in Anjirang Tripe Street

Image from KBS World YouTube

Tripe is the first or second stomach of a cow. It is a very famous dish in Daegu that you must try if you’re in the area! The street that caters this kind of food is located in the Anjirang Tripe Street. It was used to be the Anjirang Market but since a lot of Tripe restaurants started popping up, it is now called the Anjirang Tripe Street.

In the Battle Trip episode, Sejeong and Nayoung ate the cheesy spicy tripe. Looking at it, it can surely water your mouth. The restaurants in that street usually closes late around 4am. One serving costs around 8,000 KRW.

Image from KBS World Youtube

#5 Enjoy Daegu’s Nightscape in Apsan Park

image from visitdaegu2011.blogspot.com

After having a long day of touring the city of Daegu, you can unwind by going up to the top of Apsan Park through hiking or cable car. It is free of admission but if you wish to ride the cable car, there will be fees. You can check the cable car schedule and fees here. It is also available during the day time but most people go up in here during the night time to see the breathtaking sunset or the mesmerizing nightscape of Daegu.

Image from KBS World Youtube

We hope that this list made you want to visit Daegu as well! Let us know if you know of other places that are worth visiting in Daegu!

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