6 Dynamic KDrama Actors Who’ve Proven Their Essence

South Korean Drama industry is overflowing with pools of talent, especially in the acting front. In fact, the production cost that is largely consumed by the appearance of main leads & screenwriters should be reviewed.

The list of following dynamic actors has made me believe that a drama’s success is largely due to the team work between [supporting]actors rather than just obsessing over the main cast.

i. Dong Ha

People who have watched Suspicious Partner will be convinced that this man provided the much needed spark to the drama to make it a sustainable thriller. On one hand, he played the character that of a rich spoiled brat effortlessly in the drama Chief Kim; his extraordinary acting skills in Suspicious Partner is nothing less than a marvel. Throughout this drama, his confused character development is worth-watching.

One can still get goosebumps at this scene from the drama Suspicious Partner.

ii. Sung Dong-il

Hwarang, Moon Lovers:Scarlett Heart Rheo, Legend of the Blue Sea, It’s Okay That’s Love, Reply 1997, Reply 1988…oh the list is non-exhaustive. The presence of Sung Dong Il can lighten up the mood in any case. Whether he plays a negative role in the Legend of the Blue Sea or a Loving father in Reply 1988 or a practical funny man in It’s Okay That’s Love.

Favorite ‘Ahjusshi’ indeed.

iii. Song Ok Sook


I know, I can watch a ‘daily or weekend’ Korean drama if Song OK-Sook is in there. She’s a woman we would all LOVE to HATE. Well the ‘characters’ she plays of course. The admiration for her can increase by hundredfold after watching KBS family dramas ‘Five Children’ and ‘My Father is Strange‘.

iv. Kim Won-hae


v. Choi Min Soo

Believe me, Choi Min Soo is in his 50’s , yet his ultra manly voice can impress any viewer. His multifaceted performance in Warrior Baek Dong Soo as an ‘assassin’ was one of the best.  And who can forget his heart warming and understanding Father’s role in the drama “The Liar and his Lover”?

vi. Song Yoon-ah

Remember her? The iconic woman who played the character of Choi Yoo-Jin  in the drama The K2?

People who have not watched this drama yet, please watch it. Song Yoon-ah’s  vibes, her lion-hearted spirit and heroic role are impeccable. Her enchanting chemistry with Ji Chang Wook was no less than Im Yoona’s’. Totally endearing.

Any of your favorites missed? Please comment in.

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