6 Korean Remakes More Loved than the Original

The Korean remake of the popular Japanese drama Rich Man, Poor Woman was announced not long ago. There are high expectations for this show, and not just because of the rumored leading couple EXO’s Suho and Ha Yeon Soo. We’re curious to see how similar it will be to the original and what  changes have been made to the plot.

There have been many other Korean remakes of international dramas that have almost surpassed the original. We’ll have to wait a little while longer to see what kind of drama Rich Man, Poor Woman will be, but in the meantime here 6 Korean remakes that were deemed better than the original.

Fated To Love You

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Based off the Taiwanese drama of the same name, the story follows the love story of a chaebol who does a one night stand with plain jane woman. The unexpected pregnancy follows.

While the original was entertaining, the chemistry between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra and their comedic acting make this version more enjoyable to watch. We might also be biased because the Korean remake was made in 2014, six years after the original. And a lot has changed over those six years, such as fashion, filming techniques, and hairstyles.

Liar Game

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It’s hard to say that the Korean remake topped the original Japanese series since the original has multiple seasons, a captivating cast and complex mysteries. But don’t worry, the gripping thriller, suspense storyline, and the amazing cast make this show nothing less of great.

Starring Lee Sang Yoon and Kim So Eun, this drama features the cruel game show all about cheating each other in order to win the prize of 10 billion won. The contestants in the show range from politicians to criminals–each person with a goal, and who’ll do whatever it takes to win.

 Suspicious Housekeeper

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The Japanese original is a hard show to beat. A mysterious housekeeper comes to work for a family after their mother has passed away. She begins to help the family heal and bond while trying to expose her secrets. The original Japanese plot was much better as the story focused more on the family and the struggles had. The Korean remake made a few changes to the plot which made the show more enjoyable to watch, and the child actors make it hard to stop watching.

Good Wife

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Starring Jun Do Yeon, Yoon Kye Sang, and Yoo Ji Tae, this remake of the popular American drama proves that sometimes shorter is better. It tells about a wife who resumes working as an attorney after her prosecutor husband was arrested during a political scandal.

The Korean remake of Good Wife manages to consolidate the 7 seasons of the original into 16 suspenseful, thrilling episodes.

Witch’s Romance

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The beloved noona romance based off the Taiwanese drama My Queen presents Uhm Jung Hwa as a veteran reporter who loves to be in everybody’s business. Despite the the large age difference, she finds herself falling for Park Seo Joon’s character.

The chemistry between the leads was great in both adaptions, but the Korean remake managed to sell it much better. The romance between the leads seemed natural, cute, and steamy all at the same time.


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This remake hasn’t started airing yet but this legal drama starring Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik is already on our must-watch list. Set in an elite law firm, the drama will follow an attorney who hires a college dropout as a law associate even though he has no license. Cutting down the original 100+ episode series into 20 episodes or less will make this show much easier to watch.

Also, 2017 has been the year for legal and crime dramas so our standards will be set high for this show which is set to air in Spring 2018.

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