7 Paradisiac Places for Every Kdrama Fan to Visit

Traveling and exploring new things can be quite challenging. And in most cases, choosing the destination is even harder.

Reading reviews and personal experiences online can consume so much time, that’s why picking a place you’ve already seen is more efficient because you’ll have a clearer view and therefore can judge yourself.

But how can we see a place that we’ve never visited? Well, you surely did but don’t remember. All the hours spent in front of your screen watching Korean drama aren’t wasted ! (The sound, the aura, the view, …) You have experienced everything!

Here’s a list of the most paradisiac destinations that our fave characters have visited.

Quebec (Goblin)

Goblin was one of the most anticipated series in 2016 not only because the writer did ‘Descendants of the Sun” but also because it was Gong Yoo’s comeback on the small screen. Even if some fans didn’t like the ending, we can’t deny the breathtaking cinematography of Goblin!

One of the many ethereal locations that we get to visit with Eun Tak and Goblin is Quebec. Located in the northeast of Canada, Quebec is a mostly French-speaking region rich with natural resources. The filming takes place in various places in Quebec such as Rue Saint-Ursule, Petit-Champlain district (where the door connecting Quebec and South Korea is located), Chateau Frontenac Hotel (the prestigious 4-star hotel) and lastly, Parc Samuel-Hollande (where Goblin, through a monologue, recited a romantic poem to EunTak, expressing his feelings towards her). 

Image courtesy of dramafever

Bora Bora Island (Boys Over Flowers)

Boys Over Flowers is a must-watch drama for every beginner who wants to join the Kdrama world. Despite being aired in 2009, BOF is still the drama reference when it comes to Bora Bora Island. Located in the Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora islands is, in fact, a French territory. In local Tahitian dialect, the name means “created by the gods”.

Here’s a fanmade music video to reminisce the golden moments we get to enjoy with BOF:

Jeju Island  (My Secret Romance)

Secret romance is a light-hearted drama that unfolds many funny scenes but also has a more serious side when it comes to the relationship of the lead character played by Song Ji Eun and her mother. One of the most recurring filming sites is Jeju Island, precisely in Damyung Resort which also includes No. 1 Water Park in South Korea and No. 2 in Asia. A must-visit destination for adventure-lovers!

Zakynthos Island, Greece (Descendants Of The Sun)

Sadly, the Uruk isn’t a real place on Earth. However the filming sites all exist. As magical as it sounds, the beach where Shi Jin and Mo Yeon shared a passionate kiss in the drama’s most awaited finale is real and is known as Navagio Beach! The Zakynthos Island is a Greek island located in the Mediterranean sea. It’s a very recccurring location in a lot of Greek myths. In addition, it holds the nickname “The flower of the east”. Song-Song couple must have enjoyed during the scenes!

California/ USA (The Heirs)

The Heirs is a 2014 hit drama starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. The events of the first episodes occured in Southern California in the USA. The Pacific wind. The beach. The sun. Lee Min Ho is first shown enjoying the American experience at its fullest. Actually, he’s filmed surfing in Huntington Beach–one of the most famous locations for surfers around the world and visited by around 8 million people every year.

Here’s a short video recapitulating Park Shin Hye’s séjour in California: 

Spain  (The K2)

Yoona and Chang Ji Wook head to Spain to film their 2016 drama “The K2”. Despite the sad filmed scenes, this Kdrama allowed us to discover Spain’s unique architecture, notably the monastry of Santa maria de santes creus which is located in Aiguamurcia, Catalonia and built in 1225. A must-watch for action lovers!

Okinawa, Japan (It’s okay, That’s love)

The title of the drama refers to a beautiful and significant ‘morale’ . And they choose a special location to film one of the most romantic scenes of the drama. Japan is located in the Pacific ocean and holds many great scenaries, notably the one we got to see in this special episode. 

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