8 Killer Mash Ups that You Need in Your Life

Do you ever have those days when you cannot decide which song to listen to and you just want to listen to all of your favorite Kpop songs at once? That would be a horrible mess, wouldn’t it? Worry no more! There are tons of Mash Ups of the most popular Kpop songs out there that are on fire. And the best part is that you don’t have to search for them yourself, because as always, we got you covered with a selection of the hottest Mash Ups the internet has to offer.

1. BTS – DNA / Not Today / Fire / Spring Day / Danger feat. Blood Sweat & Tears

To all the ARMYs out there: you have to listen to this gem of a Mash Up. ‘DNA’, ‘Not Today’,  ‘Spring Day’ ‘Fire’ ‘Danger’ and ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ are gigantic BTS hits on their own. Now imagine them merged together in one song and voilà: you have the perfect anthem for every ARMY walking this earth.

2. BlackPink / NCT 127 / f(x) – Whistle vs Firetruck vs 4 Walls Mix

Now we are switching lanes from 2 major hype mash ups to this ethereal piece. If you need something that sounds soft and chill but you still want to be able to sing and rap along, then give this Mix a go. You won’t regret it. We promise.

3. EXO / TEN – Walk On Memories / Dream In A Dream

‘Dream In A Dream’ is not only the title of TEN’s song that is mixed with EXO’s ‘Walk On Memories’, it is also de perfect description for this Mash Up. This certainly is one dreamy song within another dreamy song. Listen, and fall in love with its beauty.

4. EXO / BTS – 4′ O Clock / Stay With Me / So Far Away

We continue our list with soft and heartwarming songs. Who would have thought that ‘4’O Clock’, ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘So Far Away’ would go together so well? Chanyeol’s deep and raspy voice and the soft and emotional vocals of Jin, V and Jungkook  are in perfect harmony with RM’s and Suga’s rap parts.

5. SEVENTEEN / NU’EST / JBJ – Highlight / Where You At / Fantasy / SUITUP

Time to get hyped again, everyone! We are leaving the emotional wave and are now hitting the shore of rhythms that will make you want to dance. Good Mash Ups don’t always have to mixes of the hottest songs of the big names of the scene. This one proves, that good music isn’t determined by big names.

6. TWICE / BLACKPINK / RED VELVET –  Likey / As If It’s Your Last / Red Flavour

Time for girlpower! What happens when you put the biggest girl group hits of this year together in one song? Right! You get the hottest mix of the season! We likey!

7. EXO / SEVENTEEN / ONE – Heyahe / Sweet Lies / Trauma

Do you like Lo-Fi vibes and R&B elements? Do you love deep vocals and a chill atmosphere? EXO, SEVENTEEN and ONE will bring you exactly this all at ONEce.

8. Monsta X / EXO / Agust D – Beautiful / Mama / Monster / Agust D / Stuck

Are you ready for heavy rap parts accompanied by distorted guitar riffs and deep bass lines that will shake the walls of your room? We are starting off strong with this Mash Up. It keeps a perfect balance as far as distribution is concerned. The different songs, although different in style, go together perfectly. It is almost as if they were meant to be mixed together!

Which one is your favourite Mash Up? Let us know! We’d love to hear which one of these killer mixes is your favourite!

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