Best of K-HipHop and K-R&B in 2017

2017 has been quite a year for the Korean Hip Hop and R&B scene.

Jay Park, who has been around for quite some time, has brought to us the ultimate summer song of the scene. New faces such as Woo Won Jae surfaced from the underground, tackling topics the mainstream doesn’t talk about all too often.

It is undeniable that the Show Me The Money (SMTM) family is always prominent in the scene. Former SMTM Contestant Jung Jaewon debuted in 2017 under YG Entertainment with his songs ‘heyahe’ and ‘Gettin’ by’. Those songs were produced by two of the major players in the R&B and Hip Hop scene in Korea: Cha Cha Malone and GroovyRoom. Almost every song we heard this year included their branding. And honestly, we aren’t even surprised, considering their immense talent.

Pure talents also came together for Suran’s song ‘Wine’ which featured Rapper Channgmo and was produced by BTS‘ Suga. But the R&B and Hip-Hop scene isn’t dominated by male artists only.

Jessi, Hoody and Heize showed us that 2017 wasn’t lacking any girl power.

But not only artists under big labels such as YG, AOMG & Co contributed their fair share this year. We are also looking back on a year of Soundcloud artists that surely will continue to grow in 2018. Rheehab and SLCHLD proved that good music doesn’t need big names.

True gems can shine on their own.

To summarise a year of musical genius, we put together a playlist of the best K-HipHop & K-R&B in 2017.
The complimentary spotify playlist is at the end of the article!

(Note: Some songs contain explicit content)

1. Jay Park feat. Sik-K – Yacht

2. Dean feat. Syd – love

3. Suran feat. Changmo – Wine

4. Hash Swan feat. Silly boot – Daily Look

5. Woodie gochild, Jay Park feat. Dok2 – Let’s Get It

6. Sik-K – Your Night

7. WOO WON JAE – We are

8. Loco feat. GRAY – Summer Go Loco

9. Rheehab feat. Donutman, Dopein – IWY

10. DPR LIVE – Jasmine

11. Henry feat. Nafla – I’m good

12. Jay Park, Dok2, Ja Mezz, Ness, Woody gochild,
Junoflo – Life is a Gamble

13. Changmo – One More Rollie

14. Jessi – Gucci

15. Punchnello – Detox

16. PSY feat. G-Dragon – FACT

17. Hangzoo, Young B, Hash Swan, KillaGramz
Zico, Dean – Yozm gang

18. Zico feat. Fanxy Child  Fanxy Child

19. DPR LIVE, Loco, Jay Park – Right Here Right Now

20. G.Soul feat. Hoody – Tequila

21. Dynamic Duo, Vernon, Jackson, Mark, jooheon
– 1/n

22. Jay Park, Double K, Boi B – REBORN

23. DPR LIVE – Martini Blue

24. Sik-K feat. Jay Park – Too Many

25. Jessi – Arrived

26. Giriboy – Hikikomori

27. WOO WON JAE feat. Tiger JK, Bizzy, MRSHLL
– T.O

28. Crush feat- Beenzino – Outside

29. HEIZE – Don’t Know You

30. ONE – Gettin’ by

31. SLCHLD feat. Rhehaab – call this love

32. Hoody – Can’t Wait

33. ONE – heyahe

34. Sik-K feat Crush – party (shut down)

35. DPR LIVE feat DEAN – Know Me

36. Zico – Artist

37. Hash Swan – Ma$himaro

38. 2xxx!, DEAN, punchnello – Piss On Me

39. G.Soul – Bad Habit

40. offonoff feat DEAN – gold

41. Suran feat. Crush – Love Story


42. Epik High feat. IU – LOVE STORY

43. offonoff  – Photograph

Who are your favourite Korean Hip-Hop and R&B artists of 2017?
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