[BREAKING] Reply 1988 Stars Ryu Joonyeol and Hyeri Confirmed to be Dating

Actor Ryu Joonyeol and Girl’s Day Hyeri were confirmed to be dating. The two had previously starred in popular tvn drama Reply 1988, where they were a popular couple. On August 16, Dispatch released multiple photos of the two on various dates, one of which was at Seokcheon Lake.

Ryu Joonyeol and Hyeri had played the roles of Junghwan and Deokseon in Reply 1988 respectively, and had a loveline that ultimately did not come true, as Hyeri’s character ended up marrying Choi Taek, who was played by Park Bogum. This loveline became a focus of their current relationship, as many fans of the drama had been disappointed by their failed love.

Both sides have confirmed the relationship. Ryu Joonyeol’s side revealed that the two evolved from a friendly relationship to a romantic one, and are now “carefully dating”, while Hyeri’s side stated that they evolved from coworkers with an interest in one another to a couple.

Now that Ryu Joonyeol and Hyeri’s relationship has been confirmed, it has been said that their Reply 1988 characters also had their happy ending together, as “Eo Nam Ryu” fans, or fans who advocated Junghwan’s loveline in Reply 1988, celebrate their “unexpected victory”.