Lee Bo Young portrays a cold-hearted teacher in upcoming ‘Mother’

Mother is a remake of 2010 NTV Japanese drama Mother. The Japanese version revolves around Suzuhara Nao (Yasuko Matsuyuki), an expert observer of migratory birds. She becomes a substitute teacher in an elementary school where she is in charge of first-year students. However, Suzuhara isn’t passionate about her job at all.

One of her students, Reina, becomes attached to her. As Suzuhara notices bruises on the child, she realizes that Reina is a victim of child abuse. Her maternal instincts suddenly kick in, and she decides to take care of Reina.

In the Korean version,..

..the young girl Hye Na (Heo Yool) is in the centre of action. Although she is being abused by her mother, Ja Young (Ko Sung Hee), she doesn’t tell anyone about her circumstances. Hye Na’s temporary teacher at elementary school, Soo Jin (Lee Bo Young), is aware of her situation. Therefore, she takes on the role of a loving mother whom Hye Na needs.

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Lee Bo Young’s character as a cold woman is different from her previous roles. As the drama unveils the story of Hye Na, the hidden affectionate and sympathetic side of Bo Young starts to shine through. Heo Yool was selected to play Hye Na after taking part in auditions involving about 400 other participants.

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First script reading took place November 1, 2017 at CJ E&M Center in Sangamdong, Seoul, South Korea. The drama will air starting January 24. Mother takes over the tvN Wed. & Thu. 21:10 time slot

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