Describe Your Kdrama in One Sentence!

The task of choosing a Kdrama just by looking at its summary is a difficult one on its own. So many words and so many plots. To make it easy for you, here is a list of 15 lightning fast reviews.These one-line summaries will definitely make you want to watch these dramas!

Strong parental guidance is advised.


A rich ahjussi falls in love with a school girl but its okay because he is 939 years old.

Kill Me, Heal Me

A brother is in love with his sister who is in love with seven different personalities of a patient.


Ji Chang Wook is trying to save a girl (version 1).


Ji Chang Wook is trying to save a girl (version 2).



Cheese in the Trap

A mean dude trying to protect his girlfriend from other mean dudes.

Personal Taste

Lee Minho is rude to a girl while pretending to be gay.

To the Beautiful You

Choi Minho is rude to a boy who is actually a girl.

My Secret Romance

Most of the romance is out in the open and nothing is secret.

Oh My Ghostess

A virgin ghost trying to find peace by sealing the deal (with a hot dude).

Oh My Ghostess

Oh My Ghostess

Chief Kim

Budding Bromance~

EXO Next Door

Literally, EXO next door.

It’s Okay, That’s Love

A guy who likes to sleep in his bathtub falls in love with a girl who does not want to have sex.

Orange Marmalade

Twilight but opposite gender…

Pretty Man.

..where IU represents all fangirls in fangirling over a boy.

Surplus Princess

A mermaid who is really into apple butts.

All the puns in above reviews are intended. Which Kdrama review did you find the best and closest?

And if you want More reviews, tell us down in the comments below and we may start a series of reviews for you because why read paragraphs of summaries when you have us? *wink wink*

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