Details About MBC’s ‘I Am Not a Robot’ Revealed

With popular drama ‘Hospital Ship’ nearing its end, one of leading broadcasting networks of South Korea, MBC, is yet again ready to stay intact in the audience ratings game for Wednesdays-Thursdays 10 PM slot..

..with its upcoming romantic comedy drama ‘I Am Not a Robot’.

The show is said to have 16 episodes with 2 episodes of 35 minutes each to be aired on the same day. It is already said to have created a lot of buzz even before its premiere due to the amazing and talented star cast being roped in for it.

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Yoo Seung Ho is playing the role of Kim Min Kyu, a chaebol who has this weird problem of being allergic to people due to which he has never dated a single girl ever. However, chaos strikes when he falls in love with a girl who pretends to be a robot.

Although popular star Dong Ha was first offered the lead role, he and MBC couldn’t reach to a proper agreement. We already know how talented of an actor Yoo Seung Ho is. After playing intense and diverse roles in Missing You, Remember – War of Son, and his latest, Ruler – Master of the Mask, he is all ready to take up his first ever role in a romantic comedy. His fans are already excited and are expecting another marvelous work from him.

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Chae Soo Bin is roped in to play the female lead role of Jo Ji Ah, an avid young entrepreneur who has an exceptionally high EQ (emotional intelligence). Her ex-boyfriend Baek Gyun who is a robotic engineer, asks her to act as a robot temporarily.

The first choice for the leading lady was Minah from idol group Girl’s Day, however, she declined. The netizens, on the other hand, had mixed responses related to the casting of Chae Soo Bin. While some of the netizens believed that Soo Bin’s pairing with Seung Ho wasn’t really an ideal one, the rest of the loyal fans of Chae Soo Bin truly think that she is ideal for the role and she is yet again going to give a terrific performance.

Chae Soo Bin’s talent is no longer unknown to the world. She has proved herself with diverse choice of roles in Cheer Up, Love in the Moonlight, Rebel- Thief Who Stole the People, Strongest Deliveryman, and the latest drama special, If We Were a Season.

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Uhm Ki Joon who has impressed everyone with his outstanding villainous act in Defendant is set to play the role Jo Ji Ah’s ex-boyfriend Hong Baek Gyun.

Other notable stars roped in for supporting roles are Hwang Seung Un, Kang Ki Young, Park Se Wan, etc.

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Expectatons are already soaring up for this drama because it is directed by Jung Dae Yoon, who has also directed “She Was Pretty” and “W”. We already know how marvelous pieces of work those shows are!

Are you excited about this show too? What do you think about the casting? Let us know in the comments below!

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