[First Impression] ‘Just Between Lovers’ Reunites Two Broken Souls

We have all been waiting for Lee Jun-ho’s first leading role, and to say that he never disappoints in an understatement!

Just Between Lovers, a story that follows two post-traumatic people, Lee Kang Doo and Ha Moon Soo, who survived a wreck of a collapsing building where they both lost loved ones. This caused them guilt for living.

Watching the first four episodes of the drama gives the viewers a sense of pity towards the main actors, but it also builds this unique relation between them which make the viewers identify with them, cry when they cry, and laugh when they laugh.

The first two episodes give us a glimpse of the protagonists’ day-to-day lives 10 years after the disaster. How they are holding themselves and managing their life almost normally with flashbacks every then and now are presented for the viewers to understand the bigger picture of the story.

And then, fate kicks in with its beautiful powers reuniting the two lost broken souls together!

Image courtesy of JTBC

However, this reunion is disturbed of course with a third party joining the bunch! And what is a love story without a love triangle?!

Seo Joo Won, an architect who is in charge of Moon Soo, works in the same place as hers. We’ll see his feelings develop for Moon Soo almost immediately.

But things get complicated when Joo Won’s ex girlfriend makes an appearance and wants him back! What do you think would happen? Let’s hope for the best, folks.

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Another character the story introduces to the list of great actors is Jung Yoo Taek. A story cannot be motivated without its villain character! Yoo Taek, who plays the role of the older brother of Joo Won’s ex girlfriend, contributes to the serious family issues right there.

The first four episodes play as an introduction to the actors and give the viewers the sad history behind every character.

This drama specializes in its realistic touch and its depiction of humans struggles. Every one of us has his own story to tell.

None of us is perfect, our imperfections are either hidden deep in our souls and minds or they are visible to the whole world to see.

One of our favorite quotes from the Krama is..

“Knowledge in ignorance is a bliss, there lies the power”.

Just Between Lovers airs every Monday and Tuesday 23:00! Watch out for it and give it lots of love!

Tell us in the comments below your first impression of Just Between Lovers, and what your favorite moment is!

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