[FIRST IMPRESSIONS] 5 Reasons Why ‘SAVE ME’ Could Not Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

After watching four episodes of ‘Save Me‘ back to back, I think I have gone a little astray and drifted apart from my normal well being.

So before I could allow this suffering to consume me, I made it a point to not let go the rest of the episodes. The remaining episodes will act like ‘Virgin Mary who will lead to my salvation.’

‘Save Me’ is a mystery & thriller based drama that depicts the tragedy of a family through the lens of a Religious Cult group. This cult group is trying to spread their wings by taking the advantage of this unpleasant situation.


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Throughout the first introductory episodes, there were goose bumps in me at every turning point. There were so many twists & so many unimaginable turn of events that one can get convinced that this series certainly requires a lion-heart to be watched.


Here are the five best reasons for the above conclusion:

1) RELIGION: This subject is always a personal matter. However, when a certain cult group tries to utilize this sacred discipline in a non-progressive way for their own vested interest, the concept suddenly loses its value. The drama depicts lots of misuse of Almighty in the name of this saying that the so called apostles keep chanting “Our Wishes will be fulfilled“. How can one fool people in the name of Almighty?

Frankly speaking, the apostles sure have immense convincing power. Looking at all the agony around, a sensible person can also get swayed away with their false beliefs. They sure are creepy.


2) FATHER IS STRANGE: The father’s role in this drama is a total ‘weak & gullible’ character. He lost all his family money. He shifted  to start a new life. But his foolish decisions is costing the well being of his wife, his daughter and his physically challenged son. He believes too easily, behaves as if he is helpless at every point in his life. Life is not a merry-go-round affair. There is no place for extreme innocence. I  hope he wakes up and starts believing in medical science.

3) BULLIES: Enough dramas watched with rich parents’ kids bullying around the weak kids. However, this drama is successful enough to literally anger me to an ultimate level. Where were their parents and teachers when they were getting their basic education?

4) THE LIVING WATER: The living water appears to be deadly water. The cult is spraying this water in every food items that their followers are consuming. They are also gaining new followers by way of this self proclaimed ‘Living Water’. Water that can treat all the illness. I am sure, there is some foul play in this water. One can still wonder why are they doing this? This is the mystery that will get unlocked in the upcoming episodes.

5) THE EMPTY FEELS: The background score is sometimes dreadful. The high school days of our four main boys do not seem to be a typical happy place. The college where Taec Yeon studies is also not lively. Everything around is questionable. I guess that is the challenge of a thriller and a mystery based drama.

The preview of the next episode is indeed interesting. So in spite of all the above reasons, I will not give up on this drama.

Guess, this is my cup of tea.

Also, the only positive strong person around is Taec Yeon. Never gonna miss his screen timings.

‘Save Me’ airs Saturdays & Sundays on cable TV network, OCN.

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NOTE: If watching ‘Save Me’ indeed gave you all an empty feeling, tune in to ‘Save Me’ MV by BTS.

Woohoo…Enjoy folks!