[FIRST IMPRESSIONS] Board on the ‘HOSPITAL SHIP’ for a Life-Changing Journey!

The MBC drama Hospital Ship is on a roll with impressive ratings for the first four episodes.

But will it be able to keep up with the buzz surrounding While You Were Sleeping that will give a tough competition in the Wed-Thurs slot? It will be something to watch out for because Hospital Ship is propelling towards solid medical cases that will keep the viewers intrigued.

The cast comprising of Ha Ji Won (Song Eun Jae), Kang Min Hyuk (Kwak Hyun) & Lee Seo Won (Kim Jae Gul) is impressive. With such popular cast, the drama does not lose its charm. At least so far.

The story revolves around the lives of Song Eun jae, Kwak Hyun & Kim Jae Gul who do not have a satisfying family life. The way this drama is unveiling the hidden wounds of these three doctors lets us know that everyone is fighting a battle of their own.

“Life is not a bed of roses but it certainly has space in between the thorns for us to make a way”.

Song Eun Jae is a confident surgeon. Kwak Hyun is a doctor of Internal Medicine and Jae Gul is a doctor of oriental medicine. Destiny brings them together with the team of Hospital Ship who is thrilled to have them. After a long time, they all have the excitement induced by the sudden adrenaline rush.

The Hospital Ship Team- Image from Hancinema

What seems like, this drama will focus on individual medical cases with the treatments explained in detail.

Ha Ji Won has undisputedly gone into the skin of the character and has left no stone unturned to make this drama an unforgettable one. Apart from the medical cases that come up on the ship, this drama is also giving us ’tissue’ time while explaining the values of family & patients.

Especially, the relationship between Song Eun Jae and her Mother. It reminds us that ‘Mothers are indeed special’. We take them for granted the most until we realize their absence.

In additional, the relationship graph of Eun jae & Kwak Hyun is fascinating. Our leading man is a fan of Eun jae and genuinely cares about her. Let us wait where this graph heads to.

Kwak Hyun & Song Eun Jae- Image from Dramafever

The island setting, juggle between Seoul & Island, the background musical score, is all well played. The only thing that could have been better was the Hospital Ship itself. It could have been more grand rather than a simple Trawler. However, the good writing is overcoming this deficiency.

Though this drama is thrusting towards an intelligent amalgamation of melodrama & medical science, the light & happy times between the doctors & Hospital Ship team is worth watching for.

We certainly don’t want to miss this Ship with our cute doctors onboard.

Lee Seo Won as Kim Jae Gul

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