[FIRST IMPRESSIONS] How ‘Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo’ is Surprisingly Living up to its Name.

What a lovely feeling of triumph & satisfaction to have discovered the ongoing TVN drama ‘Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo’!!!

A good drama does not require a hyped up marketing & publicity but an intelligent script with a talented cast and director. Yes..this drama is a surprise package.

It takes an average of 5 episodes for me to make a decision, whether, I should give the drama a go for all the episodes. Live Up To Your Name, Dr.Heo perfectly fits in and I am going to continue the joy ride of this Fantasy Time Travel Medical drama for all the 16 episodes.

This drama falls in one of those categories that can reignite our love for Historical Dramas.

The best thing about this drama is its storyline. It has been a really long time since a competitive medical drama challenging the oriental forms of medicine was aired. Last time I remember watching such genre of drama was ‘Faith’ which touched upon this subject.

Heo Im (Kim Nam Gil) is an extremely talented Doctor of Oriental Medicine who uses the technique of acupuncture to treat almost all the ailments. He is very known in Joseon. However, in spite of his talent, he is unable to climb the ladder of social status because of his low caste.It is revealed that he secretly treats the nobles and mints lots of money. In the bargain, he misses treating some of his poor patients due to his busy schedule. On one of the very important events of his life, when he was to prove his caliber to the head of ‘Heominsoo’, he suddenly gets tremors in his hands and is unable to treat the noble. He runs for his life, gets a shot of 2 arrows and travels 400 years ahead to Seoul.

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He is amazed, terrified, shocked and confused. Well, we are not because we are pros in such time travel concept. The next thing, he meets the beautiful doctor of modern medicine, Choi Yeon Kyung (Kim A-Joong). The first question that popped up in his head was ‘Can a lady become a Doctor?’.

But our Heo Im thinks outside the box and accepts this change gracefully. He tries to befriend the doctor because she is the first person he has met.There are many instances wherein Choi Yeon Kyung is witnessing the amazing talent of Heo Im. But she is a firm believer of Modern Science and does not give a heed to his talent until one fine day, she travels 400 years back to Joseon with Heo Im. It was like ‘Karma’ doing its job. Now is the turn of Yeon Kyung to feel miserable. But Heo Im helps her out.

After watching 6 episodes, I can believe that, whenever our protagonists are in danger, they travel back and forth in time. We are not yet sure as to why Heo Im is minting money or as to why Yeon Kyung gets nervous upon witnessing any road accident.

There will be a good show of Modern Oriental Medicine v/s Traditional Oriental Medicine. Also, it will be a good experience to a debate over Modern Allopathic Medicine v/s Oriental Medicine.

Yeon Kyung’s grandfather is particularly garnering my interest because he is the first person who has figured out that Heo Im is a time traveler. Maybe he had experienced something similar in the past that will answer our question as to why Yeon Kyung’s parents died and why she gets all dizzy upon checking on victims of a road accident.

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The king of the surprise here is Kim Nam Gil. There were moments when I was laughing out loud just by looking as his poker face experiencing the modern Seoul. Whether it is the funny ambulance scene or when he’ caught up with k-pop and k-dramas on TV.  EVERYTHING, just every inch of his expression was priceless. Indeed, he is such a wonderful man in here with that amazing long hairstyle.

Bonus happiness was when I found my nanny back. Queen for 7 Days fans, I hope you are watching out for her. Hehe.

Overall, a thumbs up.

I am only worried about the plots that can get mixed up. I hope the execution is smooth and better in the upcoming episodes.

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