G-Dragon on Attending IU’s Solo Concert: “OK, I’ll go”

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and IU proved once again their strong sunbae-hoobae bond.

It has been reported that IU made a surprise appearance in G-Dragon’s final concert in his world tour, which took place in Taipei, on October 8. IU had also made an appearance in G-Dragon’s Seoul concert in June, four months earlier, which garnered quite a bit of attention.

At the Taipei concert, the two idols performed two songs: “Palette”, and “Missing You”.

Source: TV Report

In addition, it was reported that IU also received a promise from G-Dragon that day. When IU invited G-Dragon to her own concert in December, and asked if he would attend, G-dragon responded positively, saying, “OK, I’ll go.”

G-Dragon performed in Taipei on October 7 and October 8, which marked the end of his successful “ACT III, M.O.T.T.E.” solo world tour.

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Source: TV Report

Featured image courtesy of koreaboo