Han Woo Tak of ‘While You Were Sleeping’ Draws Second Lead Sydrome

‘While You Were Sleeping’ may be considered as one of the best KDramas of 2017 even though it hasn’t ended yet.

It was one of the most anticipated dramas of 2017 with an excellent casting of Lee Jung Suk and Suzy Bae (Miss A).

Jung Hae In - Han Woo TakThe previous episode even overtakes the rating of and goes head-to-head with Ha Ji Won’s ‘Hospital Ship’. Last October 18, the episode reached over 10% viewership for the first time. ‘While You Were Sleeping’ was the first drama to go over one digit rating in history which also makes it the most popular drama airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Countless are caught by the second lead of the said drama, Han Woo Tak, a police officer who can also see what is about to happen through dreaming like the other lead. Jung Hae In who’s portraying the role then gains the attention of viewers.

Jung Hae In 2017Who would not be attracted to him? He’s a charming police officer who seeks justice. He’s a gentle and kind hearted as well–a man you’ll wish to have.

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Jung Hae InJung Hae In gained the curiosity of public, making the dramas he did before gain spotlight as well.

He may not look like 29 but he is. He first made an appearance way back 2013 on a music video of the girl group AOA.

Jung Hae InHe debuted as an actor the year after ‘Bride of the Century’. He also appreared in 2014 historical drama ‘Three Musketeers’ as Ahn Min Seo.

He also participated in medical-vampire drama ‘Blood’.

Jung Hae In While You Were Sleeping

He was even in the hit drama ‘Reply 1988’…

Jung Hae In While You Were Sleeping

..and recently had a cameo role on supernatural drama ‘Goblin’.

Jung Hae In While You Were Sleeping

No doubt that he’s an amazing actor whom has just been noticed.

Do you also suffer from the second lead syndrome he causes?

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