Here’s a DRAMAtic Analysis of MONSTA X’s Performance Video

As we all know, MONSTA X is a Korean boy group that debuted in 2014 under Starship Entertainment. Ever since their debut, most of their hit songs have had an undertone of the rock genre in some way or another.

Their new hit “DRAMARAMA” is no different. The catchy tune’s MV was released about a week ago and though it was amazing (as expected), we will be focusing on the track’s newly released performance MV. The video opens with various members gazing at the camera before cutting to MONSTA X in a tunnel in their extremely coordinated attire. This, along with the fierce eye-contact MinHyuk, leaves us frozen with a mix of joy and fear. This is a great tactic to use at the beginning of a performance on a song like this one.

The truth is that “DRAMARAMA” is a song whose lyrics make us feel for the MONSTA X boys; the lyrics show the ups and downs of someone pursuing the person they adore who continuously seem to rejected him. The tone of the lyrics often switches from desperation to anger to a sort of acceptance towards the end of the song. All of this, along with the song’s pop-rock vibe, makes us feel like we are in the intense love-struck teen phase that we never really grew out of.

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Moreover, the choice of random changes in color filters throughout MONSTA X’ performance also reiterates the same theme in its viewers. And if that isn’t enough to get you to sympathize with these boys, the entirety of the video is staged in a tunnel. This little fact reminds us what it feels like when we are stuck in a situation of unrequited love; an endless tunnel of intense drama.

In contradiction, such a theme can’t be out rightly presented to an audience without serious speculation. This is the kind of thought process that Starship Entertainment must have been going through; it can be seen through the choice of attire the boys are wearing. Yes, they are reminiscent of a pop-rock band and ooze red to show a theme of chaotic love. However, Jooheon wears a headband and directs attention to himself and his rapping talent. Something as small as this headband draws our focus to him and his good looks, rather than the message behind the song and staging of the performance. In the same vein, Hyungwon’s long red velvet cardigan also brings out his good looks. That isn’t all either; every member of the group has their originality woven into their outfits. We mean, let’s face it; a huge part of songs being deemed as hits depend on the artists and in what ways they can show their sensuality.

The dance paired to “DRAMARAMA” ties both aspects (the theme of never-ending unrequited love & sensuality) together perfectly. The dance is masculine which brings out something lovely from all the MONSTA X boys. Its complexity also highlights how talented all the group’s members are. However, two instances in the choreography directly correlate with the tone of the song. The first which begins at 1:15 shows how rapped up you can get in someone else. The move features arms crossed with both hands clutching either elbow. It almost mirrors someone who lives in an insane asylum and has their arms strategically tied that way. And it makes complete sense; when you’re stuck in a situation like this, you feel like you’re getting crazier daily because of the intense emotions that you feel. The dance battle at 2:31 then shows that love itself can be a battle. We don’t mean you have to fight someone to have the person you love, but rather that sometimes, when you are in the process of accepting that you have feelings for someone, it feels like you are in a battle with yourself.


Lastly, Wonho’s last smirky glances at the camera paired with synchronized choreography tell us something at times we don’t accept. And that thing we can’t accept is that some part of us always longs for DRAMA. Life just would not be that interesting without it. In the end, it’s better to have driven through the tunnel of love-induced drama and experienced such emotions. That is to say, it is more beneficial to us to know that we can care for one person with every single fiber of our being rather than shutting the door to love and never experiencing the wild ride that everybody talks about.

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