Indulge in these 4 Drama Specials After a Long Day

Have you ever heard of ;Drama Special’ before?

If yes, well, good job. It means you’ve done your research and are in depth with Kdramas.

But if not, it’s still okay. That’s why we’re here to let you know that such dramas exist.

We’ve chosen four (not-so-random) out of several drama specials out there. All drama specials are under KBS. So if you are planning to watch, go to KBS World’s official YouTube channel. Don’t worry, there are English subtitles.

 If We Were A Season (2017)

Here’s a youthful drama about Gi Seok (Jang Dong Yoon) having one-sided love for Hae Rim (Chae Soo Bin). It’s a light melodrama that you’ll find yourself sobbing while holding your pillow as you watch the drama. Their friendship is very adorable that you’d get attached to the drama right away.

Bonus! If you’re a fan of B1A4’s Jinyoung, you should definitely watch this. If you’ve fallen for him in Love in the Moonlight, well, you’ll fall for him here as well.

Explicit Innocence (2016)

Another name for this drama is World Without Sympathy. A drama about ‘coming of age’ where the hormones of these high schoolers start getting so active. Throughout the drama, Joon Ho (Lee Joo Seung) wants to ‘do it’ already with his long term girlfriend, Seo Young (Kang Minah), but the latter has been rejecting him all the time. It’s another light drama that you’ll laugh your way through it.

Let Us Meet (2017)

If you’ve hated Hong Ah in Temperature of Love, well, you’d definitely love her here as she takes on the lead role along side with Cha Joo Oh who plays the character of Ho Jun. Set in the 1930s in Gyeongsong, a young woman named Soo Ji (Jo Bo Ah) wants to get married to the best modern boy. Therefore she goes to a marriage matchmaking company to seek help, there she meets Ho Jun.

The Reason I’m Getting Married (2014)

You’ve probably watched Song Jong Ho in Reply 1997 and if you’re a fan of him, we recommend you to watch this one. It’s about Seung Wook (Song Jong Ho) and Ji Won (Park Hee Bon) are getting married after dating for 6 years. Due to some conflicts, Ji Won gets upset and coincidentally meets her past lover, Joon Ki (Hong Jong Hyun). Therefore, she gets confused on whom to choose.

Have all these dramas appealed to you? We hope so! Give drama specials a try if you’re tired of long dramas. Each drama specials are an hour long so you don’t need to worry about it. Let us know in the comments if you’ve watched some of the drama specials!