SongSong Couple: A Trouble before 2005 in South Korea

Same Last Name: A Curse for Koreans

According to Article 809 of the Korean Civil Code, marriage was strictly prohibited between men and women who have the same surname and ancestral home.


Same Last Name

Same Last Name Can’t tie a knot

But it wasn’t until 2005 when couples of the same clan could legally marry (as long as they aren’t related by blood).


A wind of astonishment was there when Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo (popularly known as SongSong couple) announced their wedding plans after Descendants of the Sun. However, it would have been more surprising, if it were 12 years ago.


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While the article was in practice, couples in love faced issues. Although some sadly broke up, others chose to live together. Unfortunately, the children from such a union were considered legally illegitimate and could have difficult registering in school.

As shared by New York Times, 22 percent of South Korea’s 44 million people are named Kim. The fig leaps to 55 percent after adding in Park, Lee, Choi, and Chong. In a country that shares just a handful of last names – Kim, Park, Lee, among others, finding a spouse who has a different last name can be quite difficult.

People with last name: Kim are mostly from Gyeongsang and Gyeongju provinces.

Cheer up Song-Song fans,

..nothing to fear about as Law and Love are on our side.

Song-Song Couple: [koreaboo]

Oct 31 is the D-Day for Song-Song couple. Check out this couple to walk down the aisle.

The countdown begins.

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