Ji Chang Wook to Supporters: “Thank You, Goodbye”

Globally-known Korean actor Ji Chang Wook proposed to fans before his enlistment. On July 28, the actor was on Naver V Live, for Goodbye Propose.

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During the show, Chang Wook said, “This is the very last show before my enlistment. I feel sad and many emotions cross. I am excited to be talk to fans but at the same time I feel sad, all in all, I just want to have a good time.” 

He then shared, “Before starting the show, I was considering how to name the show. I wanted my fans to wait for me while I am away on military service, so I named the show ‘Goodbye Propose’.” To state the purpose of the show, he stated, “I am ready to do everything you ask me to do except to show my abs, to answer the most memorable work and not to enlist, I can’t do.”

The Korean actor then shared which three dramas he recommend for fans to enjoy while he’s away in the army.  The first drama he suggested was the recently-ended Suspicious Partner. The reason behind such recommendation was “It was my very first romantic comedy. If you are thinking of me, please watch this drama.” He then added Empress Gi and Healer to the list.

The next list he recommended was the best films for him. The list of his favorite movies are Eternal Sunshine, District 9, and Fight Club. He even insisted, “If you are bored, watch these movies.”

Ji Chang Wook wished everyone’s happiness. He directed to fans, “If it makes you happy in any way, I will do my best to be on more dramas and movies. Please keep your expectations high.”

To end the show, he said, “I feel weird to think that this really is the last. It was the happiest time of my life. All your warm words really means a lot to me. Thank you”

His very last word to fans was before bidding goodbye was “Baby, do not cheat on me!”

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