Ji Soo Finally Takes the Lead Role?

Ji Soo always takes the role of a second male lead in every drama he starred in..

..from the 14th prince Wang Jeong of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo to the boy-next-door who works with Bok Joo in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, to the protective and dedicated police officer In Gook Doo in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

He always didn’t have the main lead but managed to catch countless viewers’ heart.

CJ E&M launched a collaborated album ‘Story About: Some One Month’ aiming to show relationship through a music video consisting of five different songs from various artists.

Image courtesy of CJ E&M

It was starred by actor Ji Soo and Kim Min Ji, portraying a month-long relationship.

The first MV episode is set in a bus encounter that leads to ‘something’ more with Gugudan’s song ‘Perhaps Love’.

The second MV is Kiss by Car, the Garden, which focuses on Ji Soo’s dream date and their fated first kiss locked up together in a bus. Ji Soo and Min Ji start to date, just like any ordinary guy who’s attracted even to the smallest things Min Ji does.

‘Wanna Date’ by Hong Dae Kwang and Kei’s collaborated song in Episode 3 shows how the two date.

The fourth episode reveals the female protagonist, ┬áMin Ji ‘About To Cry’ by Stella Jang and Ki Sum. It shows how Min Ji was hurt when Ji Soo introduced her as a ‘chingu’ or friend to a colleague they accidentally met.

‘Lose To You’ sang by Roy Kim and rapper Kim Seung Jae tracks the last chapter of the story. It shows how Ji Soo’s confusion why his just-starting relationship is drifting away. The track lyrics perfectly match the scene and how the male lead feels.

‘Story About: Some Month’ is a great story with great music.

Let’s just wish Ji Soo to lead a drama next time.