Joong Ki & Hye Kyo Reportedly Turned Down A $13.4M Offer to Cover the Wedding

Last October 31, the wedding was reported to have been illegally livestreamed.

A source from Song Joong Ki’s agency Blossom Entertainment clarified that they had given permission to no one for livestreaming of the supposedly private wedding ceremony.

On the other hand, reports say that several Chinese media outlets filmed the ceremony by using drones, and they streamed it live on sites like Weibo.

“We revealed since the beginning that we’d be holding a private wedding, and we turned down all sponsorship offers as well. Before the wedding, we received several requests to broadcast the event live, but we rejected all of them without even listening to the conditions.”

-a source from Blossom Entertainment

According to reports, a Chinese portal site planned on offering the recently-wed couple Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki 15 billion won (approximately $13.4 million) for permission, but the couple declined the offer right away. Despite the rejection, the media outlets proceeded to livestream the celebrities’ wedding illegally.

Regarding the now husband-and-wife, Song Hye Kyo’s wedding dress and Song Joong Ki’s tuxedo which were both from luxury brand Christian Dior, as well as the floral decorations at the venue, are expected to have cost anywhere between 50 million won and 80 million won (approximately $45,000 to $72,000).

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