Kdrama fans VS Kpop fans

Korean culture has been popular nowadays. You can’t even deny the fact that their Korean dramas and Korean music have reached almost all the ends of the world. You are either a Kdrama fan or a Kpop fan. Or… maybe both? *wink wink* 

Let’s face it, we all are a fan in between those two.

But what is the difference between a Kdrama fan and a Kpop fan? Is there really a difference? Let’s find out!


#1 How you look every morning

Image Courtesy of tvN

Let’s all be honest. We’ve looked like this at some point of our lives after staying up all night watching dramas. If you haven’t experienced this, you are probably a healthy fan!

And of course, Kim Seul Gi’s face always comes up for this meme!

#2 Making hardest decisions in life

Image Courtesy of MBC, Edited by Kez

Every night we struggle with this. What should we choose: Kdrama or sleep? Of course, whom are we kidding? We choose the former over sleep.

How heavy are your eyebags now?

#3 The long wait for subtitles

Image Courtesy of SBS, Edited by Kez

When we’re hooked with a certain drama, we don’t wait for English subtitles. Instead, we watch the raw and wait for the English subs to come out. Are we right or are we right?

#4 When a Kdrama has ended.. *cries*

Image Courtesy of SBS, Edited by Kez

“What do I do with my life now?” is the next thing you say once you finished watching a drama you’ve been loving. Of course, you go look for a new one to begin another life and repeat all the said things above.

#5 Oppa is life

Image Courtesy of MBC, Edited by Kez

This cannot be taken out off the list. Once you’ve entered the Kdrama world, you start claiming one oppa to a hundred of oppa. We can never be loyal, huh?

Now that we’re finished with the kdrama fans, let’s move on to the Kpop fans and see how are they as a fan.


#1 YouTube time!

Image Courtesy of Dramabeans

When your favorite kpop group makes a comeback, you make sure you watch their music videos on time after release and their live performances on music shows. Fancam videos are also a bonus!

#2 Every concert sadness

Image Courtesy of Google

When your favorite Kpop group arrives in your country, there are only two types of fans: One is a happy fan and one is a sad fan.

When you’re a sad fan, it means you either can’t afford to buy tickets for their concert or your parents didn’t allow you. So you say, “I’m always with them. From a distance…” *cue sad bgm*


Image Courtesy Google

Fun fact: A fangirl knows how to save because they need money to buy the official merch (merchandise like lightsticks, banners, etc) and albums especially every comeback. And if you’ve saved extra money, you tend to buy some fansite goods and their season greetings as well.

#4 Memorizing each member’s names

Image Courtesy  Google

If you are new to a fandom, the first thing you do is to know which is which because it helps you pick your bias. You try memorizing their names by watching their videos on YouTube and their reality shows (if they have one).

If your favorite group doesn’t have a reality show yet, then you go watch Weekly Idol. It’s basically the first base. Surprisingly, you get to memorize all of their names when you still can’t memorize the math formulas.

#5 Fandom wars

Image Courtesy of SBS, Edited by Kez

In some point of your fangirl life, you’ve experienced fighting with a stranger because he/she might’ve said something bad about your bias. As a fan of that group, you wouldn’t let someone bash your favorite group/member.

Did you guys enjoy reading? We hope you did!

If you think there are more types of fans then let us know in the comments below! These are the top 5 that we’ve gathered after doing some research based on the experiences of the fans. Thanks for reading!