#KdramabuzzCaptures Lovely Moments at #JisooInManila

It was indeed a memorable Valentine’s treat for us fans as we celebrated an early Valentine’s Day with our one and only Jisoo. Let us re-live some moments that shined, brought to you by #KdramabuzzCaptures.

The show started with an ice-breaker game with last night’s host – VJ Sunny. It was a ‘Guess the OST game’. Many fans participated in the game. After the game, a short video clip was played to introduce Jisoo.

Jisoo opened the show singing “Creep” by Radio Head while roaming around the venue.

Right after he sang, he greeted the audience in Filipino and thanked them for being there. He also asked in Filipino,

“Happy ba kayo?”

..with VJ Sunny teaching him.

The next part of the event was the Tagalog 101. Jisoo was taught how to say I love you in tagalog. Some of the phrases he said were,

“Iniibig kita.” and “Iniibig mo ba ako?”

The fans screamed “YES” in unison which made Jisoo smile.

During the  Fast Talk segment, Jisoo was asked what his ideal girl is. He said it would be someone who loves watching movies like him, who always smiles and whom he can communicate well with. In the Q&A segment VJ Sunny asked him what is his idea of romance,

“Romance is the happiest thing you can experience,”

he answered smiling.

When Jisoo was asked if he has ever cooked for a girl, it took him a while before he said he hasn’t cooked for other girls except his mom. VJ Sunny then asked, if he were to cook a meal for a girl what would it be.

He said that he’d cook whatever the girl wants (such a sweet guy!!!).

He also shared that his dream role was to play a character that is based on true stories. He wants that thru him the character will be well-known. He also said that he is also an aspiring director.

Videos of lucky fans asking questions who were picked was also shown during the Q&A segment. Fans were screaming when one question was about Jisoo considering dating a Filipina

He said any nationality is fine with him.

There was also a ‘Show and Tell’ segment where Jisoo would get an object inside a box and share what memories he had with it.

One memorable thing was a picture of him in a girl costume. He said that aside from the role as In Gook Du in his previous drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon where he cross-dressed, he also did that before for a school program where he won 1st prize.

Came next was the reenactment with a lucky fan named Katrina Angeles Noble. They reenacted a scene from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. We interviewed her after the event and she told us that she really enjoyed the fan meet and would definitely come back if Jisoo comes back.

After some games, Jisoo came back singing to his fans and giving some flowers.

Then there was a Filipino food tasting segment. There were pork caldereta, sotanghon, pork barbecue and halo-halo. He said he loves Filipino food because it’s similar with Korean food and some tastes better.

Jisoo was also asked to try playing a Filipino game called “Sipa”. He laughed together with the fans while playing it enjoyingly.

Since Jisoo’s birthday is coming, a special video for his birthday was shown made by his fans with the background song “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. At the end of the video, Jisoo was asked to turn around. Fans were raising a banner. Jisoo was teary-eyed after.

“I am touched and thankful. I promise to work harder to return all the love for you. Whenever I am tired or am having a hard time, I will always watch this video and remember all of you.”

Together with the fans, he sang himself a Happy Birthday. And as a gift for the fans, he sang “I Believe I Can Fly” and ended it saying “Mahal ko kayo.”

Jisoo left an advice for his fans…

 “You can do it.

“Masaya ba kayo? I hope all are happy and will continue to support. I hope this will last in your memory. When we meet again, I promise to be more inspired and become a better actor I hope everyone will all have a very lucky year and more blessings.

He also took a video with the fans doing the fan wave. The fan meet ended with all the fans having the chance to join the Hi-touch.

‘Til next time oppa!!!

Event made possible by CDM Entertainment