#KdramabuzzCaptures Park Hyung Sik Overflowing with Love in #PHSFirstLoveinManila

‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ lead actor Park Hyung Sik spread love for thousands of Filipino Fans gathered at Kia Theatre last Saturday, November 11.

Fans of the actor literally went wild, screaming their heart out the moment they saw him come out on stage wearing a red sweater with denim jacket on top. He begins the show by singing “Because of You”, an official soundtrack of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Hyung Sik then greets the fans by saying how happy he is to be back in the Philippines and he is grateful for the overwhelming love he is receiving…

..Afterwards, Ms. Kring Elenzano, the host of the event, digs deeper in discussion about the personal life of the actor.

A group photo of him with friends in their childhood days was shown and he happily stated that he is still friends with them until now. When asked what the most rebellious thing he did when he was young is, he told everyone that there is no chance that he did something like that, and everyone was awed by how virtuous he is. Hyung Sik reveals that he dreams of becoming a lawyer when he was little. According to him, he is also a playful kid.

Ms. Kring then asks him if he were to have a chance to go back in time, what age would he want to go to. Instead of choosing an age,..

..he answered that he wants to go back to November 9…

..The fans and even the host got a little confused by this. He then explains that he wants to go back to that date because he wants to see his Filipino fans again.

He also discussed his love for gaming, and whenever he goes on a trip, he usually goes to arcades because he is good at games. Seems like Ahn Min Hyuk is really existing in real life!

Going to hot spa and pensions, traveling, fishing, and hanging out with friends also cater his interests. Taking selfies is also his thing because as he said, he loves taking pictures because that way, he can keep those precious memories. He also added that he took several selfies during his stay here in the Philippines, and he promised that he’ll upload it on his Instagram account.

He admitted that his role in Hwarang as a king really challenged him. That is why he tried really hard to learn how he should portray it well. Hyung Sik expressed his love for Iron Man by showing a speaker he owns designed just like the superhero. Since he is a gamer, he also arranged his room like a computer shop equipped with gadgets. He also loves water sports and has heard that Philippines is famous for that and he really wants to try it when he comes back.

The fanmeet won’t be complete without him trying the Filipino culture. He wore a blue Barong that really suits him and he commended its comfortability. Filipino foods were also prepared for him to try, like sisig, sago’t gulaman, guyabano and kamias. Hyung Sik also tried playing tirador with a twist. He placed his signature on the balls he used and threw it across the fans.

Ms. Kring taught him usual Filipino phrases, such as “Para sa tabi lang!”, “Nakakaloka ang init!”, “Ang pogi ko, ‘di ba?” , “Pwede ba kitang ligawan?” ,”Mamahalin kita maging sino ka man.” and the Filipino fans were screaming endlessly.

Lucky fans are chosen to do the drama re-enactment of certain scenes in Hwarang and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon together with Park Hyung Sik. A contestant asked him to wear a costume which is similar to what his character Ji Dwi is wearing and it extremely surprised him. Filipino fans surely know how to shine in their moments and the actor praised them for their passion in learning and memorizing the lines from his series in Korean language.

Hyung Sik serenades his fans by singing “Two People” and fans lovingly admired his amazing vocals.

Questions from lucky fans, were answered by him wholeheartedly. He spoke so well and he answered all the queries with substance. Hyung Sik said that he enjoyed answering them because the questions given were meaningful.

Exciting games are not yet done! The lucky fans had a pillow battle. Hyung Sik joined them in the last 20 seconds of the game wearing a blindfold.

Hyung Sik watched a collection of videos made by his fans. He was teary-eyed due to the messages of his fans and by the fact that he is loved by many.

With a grateful heart, he told his Filipino fans, “Mahal din kita!”

Since his 27th birthday is on November 16, the fans gave a surprise birthday treat for him by handing him an Iron Man-inspired cake. He admitted he did not expect such surprise coming his way.

The show did not come to an end without Park Hyung Sik’s heartfelt message for his fans.

Sa mga fans na naghintay sa akin, mabuhay! Ako si Park Hyung Sik. Nagpapasalamat po ako sa inyong pagmamahal at paghihintay sa akin kahit nasa magkalayong lugar tayo. Masaya at excited ako dahil sa wakas nagkita na tayo. Hindi ko po inakala na magiging sikat ang dramang “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” at “Hwarang” dito sa Pilipinas. Salamat po sa masugid na pagtangkilik sa aking mga drama at salamat din po sa malaking pagmamahal at pagsuporta sa akin.

Para sa akin, gusto ko po sa Pilipinas. Masaya po ako dahil nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong pumunta dito. Sa susunod, balak kong bumisita dito ulit para mag-scuba diving at maglibot. Hindi ko po makakalimutan ang pagmamahal at mga ngiti niyo. MAHAL KO KAYONG LAHAT, FILIPINO FANS! SALAMAT.

Hyung Sik sealed with the Filipino fans a pinky promise that he will come back very very soon.

He ended the stage proper by singing his very own “I’ll be here”, an official soundtrack in his series Hwarang.

The fans went home happily after the high touch and photo op. Lucky VIP ticket holders got a chance to grab a signed poster.

From the bottom of our hearts, no words can express how grateful we are for your visit in the Philippines.

Park Hyung Sik, Filipino fans will wait!

Featured image courtesy of Gia Allana, Manila Korean Times