#KdramabuzzMeets Jae from DAY6 & Goes Backstage at M Countdown!


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So, it was literally the day after we landed in Korea and we were slightly exhausted.

Nonetheless, endless temples were still explored and all the tourist-y stuff that was available to us was completed. After eating lunch, we decided to pay the C&J Entertainment building, which was hosting MCountdown that night, a visit. And we can tell you first-hand, the building was crowded with fans from all over the world taking photos, videos, and yelling their hearts out to show all these idols appreciation.

It was slightly overwhelming for us because we couldn’t understand 50% of what was going on due to the lack of subtitles.

Honestly, a part of us felt like we were still in our respective beds dreaming. However, that didn’t stop us from taking my photos of KNK when they visited the store that connected to the C&J building.

And then shortly after that, Kdramabuzz met Jae.

We won’t really go into too much detail of how it is that we came to meet Jae from Day6 but a lot of details concerning what happened during our short meeting and what not will be shared.

First off, there are some things you need to know about yours truly, as well as my relationship with Day6. I love Day6 songs and I love everyone that makes up the lovely band. However, I didn’t know specifics about any of the members; I was just a happy distant fan.

Hence, when we met Jae, we thought he was 100% Korean and used the little Korean we knew the minute he began to walk towards us.

We yelled “Annyeonghaeyo” in the cutest voice we could possibly get out of ourselves. Jae then chuckled to himself, and uttered the words, “YO WHAT’S UP?”. Our hearts sank to our chests and we literally felt like ashamed. It wasn’t until later that day that we researched and realized that Jae lived most of his life in long beach, California.

So yeah, that wasn’t one of kdramabuzz’ proudest moments in Korea and our thought is that Jae caught on to our embarrassment which prompted him to bow 90 degrees.

After which, we did the same and then he did it again (And that, our loving readers, went on for a long while). The pure silliness and giggles that was going on between us totally made up for the big screw up when we first saw him.

After all that, Jae shook our hands, gave us a hug, and said its cool to meet a fan. He, then, asked us, “So do you have our latest album?”. We felt like horrible fans but we had to be honest; right?

So, we said, “No”. And Jae laughed and turned around, started walking away and said, “Okay, bye then”. In a moment of intense panic, we yelled “NO DON’T GO! WE ARE SIMPLY BROKE COLLEGE STUDENTS. THERE ISN’T ENOUGH FOR FOOD!”. (why were we so dramatic)

Jae turned back around, almost dying of laughter, and was like “I’m just playin’. I’m only playin’. But you gotta buy that soon!” That’s when it started to dawn on us that Jae was just a normal guy like any other. In other words, we got comfortable enough to ask him some important questions. We asked if he enjoys what he does and how it is spending most of his time away from his family and home.

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He said he’s happy that he’s following his dreams, performing, and doing what he loves. He also said that it’s a lot of challenging work he does daily and that he misses home all the time. We talked a bit about the subway system and how Korea’s subway will always be better than any other form of transportation in America. Lastly, his manager called Jae back into the room; Day6 would be performing for MCountdown in just seconds so he needed to go and get ready.

Furthermore, the MCountdown stage is quite small in comparison to how it appears on TV. Security is also extremely strict so the second we saw the stage, we were kicked right out of the room.

But, as we were leaving, SEVENTEEN was entering the room. The single file line of fine men all waved as they entered; Woozi smiled and it may have been imagined, but we assure you, Hansol winked at us. After that, my day of exploring the C&J building and MCountdown came to an end.

It was an amazing day and it gave us a little bit of insight into how the Korean entertainment industry works. It also launched an obsession with Jae, like he opened our eyes to how amazing he is and who knows, maybe when we have enough money, we might just buy a Day6 album or two. All in all, it was an amazing day.

Speaking of amazing days, if you’d like to have an amazing day right now, you should check out Jae’s new YouTube channel. Here is his very first video; he’s a dork but we all love him.

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