#KdramabuzzPicks Korean Foods You Have to Try!

Have any of you Kdrama fans had Korean food? We are pretty sure you have seen plenty of it while watching dramas especially food-themed dramas. We know You Who Came from the Stars made us crave the delicious meals they were eating.

If you want to try them but have no idea where to start, well you have come to the right place! We will be showcasing the our team’s favorite Korean food.

라볶이 (Rabokki)

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The first food item on this list is 라볶이 (Rabokki). It is a combination of ramen 라면 and tteokbokki 떡볶이, which is Korean rice cake. These two food items will be featured later on in the article! If you already love both of these food items, then this is a heavenly combination. This dish consists of Korean rice cake, ramen, Korean fish cakes, cabbage leaves, spicy sauce and hard boiled egg, which is used as a garnish. Some people also add dumplings to the mix as well as Korean ramen seasoning powder. This is a typical snack food for Koreans that many enjoy and we hope you guys get to try it out soon. If you can’t find it anywhere, why not make it yourselves? There are tons of recipes online on how to make this dish if you Google search.


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Japchae is Korean glass noodles and it is usually served as a side dish to complement your meal. You can also have this dish as your main meal as well. It all depends on your preference. This dish consists of beef stew meat, carrots, onions, spinach, Korean glass noodles, and wood ear mushrooms. Beef can also be substituted with pork or imitation crab meat. This dish is vegetarian-friendly. You may get this dish without the beef as well and it will taste just as delicious as the one that has it. The glass noodles when cooked are very chewy and this dish is mildly flavored so you can pair with any other side dishes you like. A classic example would be dumplings or rice. In our opinion, the sauce definitely makes this dish.

비빔밥 (Bibimbap)

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 Bibimbap is essentially rice-mixed with vegetables, eggs and chili paste. This is a super popular Korean dish and also very filling as well. Before eating this dish, everything is mixed together. Bibimbap literally translates to mixed rice. There are many variations to this dish from vegetarian bibimbap to meat bibimbap and seafood bibimbap can also be made. The classic bibimbap contains carrots, egg, rice, soy bean sprouts, spinach, red bell pepper, zucchini, cucumber, green onion, fenbrake, sesame seeds, garlic and gochujang, which is Korean hot pepper paste. In Korean restaurants, bibimbap can be served in a stone pot and the stone pot gives a crispy, crackling noise to the rice at the bottom of the pot.

김밥 (Kimbap)

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김밥 (Kimbap) is a super common food that can be purchased at almost any Korean corner restaurant in South Korea. It’s super yummy and you can taste all of the flavors with just one bite. They are made to eat in one bite, kind of like sushi. Kimbap is relatively cheap to buy and it fills you up really quickly. Like all the other food in this list, this treat is highly addicting. Kimbap consists of rice, seaweed, carrots, egg, danmuji (yellow pickled radish), spinach or cucumber and beef. This dish can be made vegetarian-friendly by just taking out the beef. Kimbap can be made with many different types of fillings. Mayonnaise is just one of them. This is a classic dish that is usually packed in school lunches or taken on picnics. Korean students also give this to their teachers to praise and thank them for their hard work. We sometimes eat Kimbap as a snack or a quick pick-me-up in between meals.

Shin Ramen

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We all have had ramen before, but have you tried Shin Ramen? Shin Ramen is a Korean brand of ramen that can be found in your local supermarkets, usually in the Asian food aisle. It comes in a bright red packet so it shouldn’t be hard to spot. It also comes in a bowl and cup form as well for easy preparation and quick lunch. It has a spicy taste and all of the ingredients can be found inside the ramen packet. Additional ingredients that are usually added to this are kimchi, egg and green onion. This ramen can be prepared relatively quickly, usually in under 10 minutes. This brand of ramen is popular in many countries including Japan, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China to name a few. Nong Shim is the South Korean company that produces these ramen and a fun fact about them is that they are considered to be one of the top selling ramen in the world.


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Tteokbokki translates to spicy rice cake, and comes in many forms in Korea. The ingredients to make this dish consist of Korean rice cake, fish cake, hard-boiled eggs, onion, leek, noodles and the handful of cabbage is optional. The sauce consists of chilli pepper paste, chilli pepper powder, soy sauce, honey, sugar and grated garlic. This dish appears a lot in Korean dramas when the lead characters or side characters are eating on the side of the street. This is characterized by its bright red color.

Korean Barbecue (고기구이)

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Korean Barbecue (고기구이), also known as K-BBQ has made many appearances  in the Kdrama world. We can’t write this article without mentioning this dish. It is great to enjoy during social gatherings.Korean barbecue refers to the tradition of grilling meat. Ssamgyupsal, 삼겹살, and Beef Galbi (갈비) are popular and well-known meat choices to grill. There are many restaurants in Seoul and all over South Korea that offer K-BBQ. In Korea, beef is considered to be the more luxurious than the other meats in terms of barbecue. K-BBQ should definitely be on the list of food to try if you have never had it.

Jajangmyeon, 짜장면

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The last food item that we have included in this list is jajangmyeon, 짜장면. This shouldn’t be unfamilar to you guys because it is repeatedly seen on Korean variety shows as well as dramas. This is a Korean-Chinese dish and the Korean word translates to black bean sauce noodles. This dish can be delivered and it usually is a menu item on Korean-Chinese restaurants. Jajangmyeon has a lot of onions, meat, fermented chujang sauce and caramel. The onions and meat are included to give more sweetness and flavor to the dish while the caramel also adds to the flavor and contributes to the appearance of the dish. Apparently Korea eats 1,500,000 dishes a day.

Hopefully, we gave you some ideas of what types of Korean food to try out. Have fun on your Korean food journey. Enjoy every taste and flavor along the way! Have you tried any Korean food? If you have, we would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below.

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