14 Kdramas that will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

For sure, psychology in KDramas is not something new. And when combined with some action or criminal situations, it becomes breathtaking.

Let’s consider that psychology means everything from characters having mental diseases to characters dealing with criminals playing with their minds. Next, we’ll present you this type of KDramas we think are worth watching, but we warn you! You may get some chills.

Kill Me, Heal Me

kill me, heal me korean drama

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Seen it or not, you can’t deny Ji Sung’s amazing acting. Portraying a character with Multiple Personality Disorder (*) is not easy at all, but Ji Sung did an incredible job, helped by Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon. Every character you will find in this drama, played by the main lead, of course, will give you different feelings, you will laugh and cry with them and you will be blown away by some wonderful acting.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

hyde, jekyll, me kdrama

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If we talk about multiple personalities, we can’t forget Hyde, Jekyll, Me starring Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min and Sung Joon. In here, Hyun Bin plays a character with Disociative Identity Disorder (*), same as the first mentioned drama, the difference being that in here there are only two different personalities with totally opposite characteristics.

Dr. Frost

dr frost korean drama

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Being made after the webtoon with the same name, Dr. Frost presents the life of a psychology university professor, known as Doctor Frost (played by Song Chang Eui) because of the fact that he doesn’t feel any emotion and he seems to be a cold person. He then meets a student, played by Jung Eun Chae, who becomes his assistant and then, his life becomes more dynamic.

God’s Quiz 

god's quiz kdrama

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God’s Quiz actually has 4 seasons, but each of them is worth the watch. It may seem a lot, but you will surely want to know what’s going to happen next. The action is centered on a genius forensic doctor, played by Ryu Deok Hwan who is trying to solve his own problems while solving mysterious cases.

Missing Noir M

missing noir kdrama

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An FBI agend, played by Kim Kang Woo, suddenly decides to return to South Korea. He enters a team who tries to solve cold cases (difficult, unsolved cases) but he is also hiding a secret. This should be one of the most impressive, if not the most impressive, criminal KDramas; the suspense is real!

Liar Game

liar game

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The drama was inspired by the Japanese manga with the same name, and there is also a Japanese version of it. Kim So Eun plays the poor, way to innocent female lead, while Lee Sang Yoon is a pshychology professor and Shin Sung Rok is the villain. Kim So Eun’s character has the chance to participate in a survival game called Liar Game, and she recieves the help of the professor. It is true that the female lead is the annoying-dumb female character, but the story behind the game and behind the character is worth the watch. It will make you think hard and you will most likely start to doubt people around you and see the world with a different perspective.

Bad Guys

bad guys korean drama

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Kim Sang Joong plays a detective who will do anything to catch the criminals. He is suspended from his job but comes with the idea of creating a team with prisoners. Choosing the members carefully, he will solve cases helped by a psycho genius, a gangster boss and a hired hit man. Season 2 is also on its way, being scheduled to start airing mid-december 2017.


Lee Je Hoon plays a criminal profiler, but he also thinks police cops are not trustworthy. One day, he finds an old walkie-talkie which belonged to a senior policeman played by Cho Jin Woong. This strange object allows the two detectives living in different time periods to talk about and solve criminal cases. However, things may take an unexpected turn.

White Christmas

A group of students, attending one of the most prestigious high school, spend their only holiday together at school. A mysterious man appears and strange events start developing.

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Secret Forest

Cho Seung Woo portrays a prosecutor who lacks emotions because of a childhood surgery. He is known as a lonely, cold person who likes to work alone but then, he meets a policewoman played by Bae Doo Na. They begin investigating corruption and try solving a mysterious criminal case.

Special Affairs Team TEN 1 & 2

TEN is the name of a special task team whose mission is to solve cold cases (cases which have not been solved for a long period of time). Joo Sang Wook takes the role of the team leader, who is also known as the monster who catches monsters, helped by actress Jo An, veteran actor Kim Sang Ho and Choi Woo Sik.


The story of this series follows a voice profiler played by Lee Ha Na who has sharp hearing abilities, beyond a normal human hearing. Together with Jang Hyuk’s character, they form the Golden Time team who is supposed to solve cases in due time, before something worse can happen.


gap dong korean drama

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This KDrama is based on the unsolved Hwaseong serial murder. Yoon Sang Hyun’s character tries to capture the killer behind a serial murder case from 1996. However, when the statue of limitation ends, he decides to believe that the murderer, known as Gap Dong, is dead. Not long after, new clues come to surface.


the defendant korean drama

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Another amazing work coming from the more amazing Ji Sung.

This time, as Ji Sung takes the role of a prosecutor and a father, he impresses the audience by portraying a “defendant” with amnesia. He is sentenced to death, but he struggles to prove his innocence while trying to recover his memories.

Prepare your heart, KDrama lovers!  You may also need a box of tissues, a bowl full of popcorn and maybe a sleepless night, but nevertheless, these are some amazing KDramas worth watching.

* Disociative Identity Disorder (DID), also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, reffers to, as said in the Oxford Dictionary,  “a rare dissociative disorder in which two or more personalities with distinct memories and behaviour patterns apparently exist in one individual”.


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