Korean Celebrities: Why do we admire them so much?

Everyone has different ideas of perfection, but for most fans of the Korean culture, it is often anyone who is Korean–either an idol or an actor. These celebrities seep with elegance and talent which allows us to aspire to be like them and love them from the sidelines.

But, truly why? Why do we fancy these types of people? There must be a proper reason.

These celebrities who have become established names themselves aren’t perfect nor faultless. They just all possess something that brightens up our days.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out exactly what that is.

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Let us start with the most obvious trait that attracts us to them.

Yes, we are talking about their looks and their appearance. Just because this is our first point does not mean that it’s the most important. But, it is no secret that these people are blessed beyond belief in this area. (yes, very subjective from most viewers’ perspective since we are entitled to be attracted to whomever) Such smooth skin may be common to people living in East Asia, but to the rest of the world, it’s attractive.

From their defined jawlines to their beautiful smiles to their fit and well-structured bodies. Count in their hairstyle as well. They are nothing short of perfection in this department.

What do we see when we glance at them? We are in awe whenever we see them in their brightest smiles, the best hair, smooth skin, as if cut out from high-end magazines.

Yes, they do exist in the same world that we do.

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But looks can’t be everything.

They have other portions of them which help us fall harder for them each time they pop up on our screen.

Let’s move onto the next best thing about our dearly beloved idols.
Their personalities.

It is one thing to be absolutely beautiful (which they are) but it’s another to attract with your personality. Let’s be honest, it is this and their actual self which we fall for.

Although being humble seems like a given personality trait, unfortunately not everyone who is famous can be humble. So, when we see these idols or actors/actresses possessing this admirable trait, it makes our heart flutter.

It puts us on a level playing field with them, making us feel better connected to them. Being humble can tie in with honesty as they are evidently honest about their work, their family, their love for what they do and the people who support them.

Idols tend to also be very in touch with their culture which helps them not forget where they came from–allowing them to stay humble. It all ties together!

Another reason why we find these lovely angels attractive and appealing is because of how they can just let loosen and have fun.

We all witness the quirky, dorky and silly side of our favourite Korean celebrities on variety shows–television program that idols/actors can appear on that allows them to talk about their lives and what’s going on in a fun environment while completing some challenges along the way (doing AEGYO)!

It is one thing to respect people for their talent, but it is also another thing to respect them for being themselves and being able to just be normal, have a laugh and have some fun. This is what Korean idols are able to do.

It is all good to have a great appearance and a good personality, but that doesn’t mean sometimes you want to step outside the boundaries and cause a bit of scandal.

In no way is it being stated that Korean celebrities don’t have any scandal they have faced in the past. It is just much less when compared to Western celebrities whose issues get to the headlines more often.

This can easily be a good thing as it allows the celebrities to have a good influence to strive for. It teaches us that no matter where we come from, getting and living our dreams without facing scandal or negative issues is possible.

The last point that contributes to the positive impact of Korean celebrities (i.e. idols, actors, actresses) is that there is relatively little to no over-sexualization of idols.

Idols attract support through other avenues rather than trying to use their sexual appeal. Some western artists use their sexual appeal to their advantage, whereas this is not the case for Korean celebrities. It is quite out of the Korean culture to over sexualize themselves, which directly can impact their fans. If idols don’t over-sexualize themselves, that allow fans to see they don’t have to over sexualise themselves either, which is something to strive for within this generation.

Whether you are a fan or not, there is something intriguing and interesting about Korean idols and actors.

But, the question still remains, did they fall from heaven because they look like angels.

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