10 Kpop Groups that Officially Disbanded in 2017

2AM, Miss A, I.O.I, History and many more Kpop groups disbanded 2017.

It breaks our hearts that these bands won’t enrich our 2018 with new music anymore. But it is time for us to say our final goodbye to these 10 Kpop Groups that Officially Disbanded in 2017.

So long, annyeong!


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2AM was a subunit of the boy group One Day under JYP Entertainment. The members Seulong and Jiwoon didn’t renew their contract, and signed with other labels, while Changmin left JYP in 2015. Due to Jo Kwon ending his relationship with JYP Entertainment in 2017, 2AM officially disbanded.

The Group was known for songs such as ‘This Song’ and ‘Never Let You Go’.


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I.O.I was formed by CJ E&M Entertainment in 2016 through the show ‘Produce 101’. They debuted in May 2016, and held their last concert in January 2017, which also marks their last activity as a group.

The group was known for major bops such as ‘What A Man’ and ‘Very Very Very’

Miss A

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Miss A debuted in 2010 under JYP Entertainment with the members Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy. The members Jia and Min left the group in 2017. As a result, the band disbanded in December.

Rather than quitting the industry, the individual members are now working on solo careers. Suzy recently starred in the popular Drama ‘While You Were Sleeping‘, while Jia collaborated with Got7’s Jackson Wang in the single ‘Mood’.


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The 4-membered group debuted in 2010 under Starship Entertainment. The girls are best known for songs such as ‘Touch My Body’ and ‘So Cool’. They disbanded after their last comeback with the song ‘Lonely’ in May 2017.


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In May, LOEN Entertainment’s boy group History disbanded. They debuted in April 2013. Due to the upcoming enlistment of the members, they disbanded. After their military service, the boys will be working on solo projects.

Wonder Girls

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Another Group under JYP that disbanded in the past year were Wonder Girls. Some of the members didn’t want to renew their contract. As a result, they disbanded in February 2017. The end of the band however doesn’t mean the end of music provided by the members. Last year, Sunmi rose as a solo artist with her single ‘Gashina’.


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The group debuted under Paramount Entertainment in 2011. Since the band has been active since 2013, their disbandment was only a matter of time. Their official disbandment was announced in February 2017.


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The Hip-Hop Group Phantom disbanded in December 2017. Kiggen, Sanchez and Han Hae debuted under WA Entertainment. The individual members, however, are now going separate ways as solo artists.


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Unicorn consisted of the four members Yujin, Rumi, Gayoung, Sally and Winnie. Based on reports, the girls will follow individual activities in the future.


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The R&B and Dance group debuted in 2012. Although they denied first rumors about a disbandment in February 2017, CJ E&M Entertainment confirmed them in September. The members are now going separate ways.

We wish all the individual ex-members of the groups all the best in the future. Hopefully we will hear from all of them soon!

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