No More Military Service for Kim Woo Bin; Agency asks for support

Kim Woo Bin who was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May 2017 has undergone a round of physical fitness evaluation, which determined him as Grade 6 and declared him unfit for military enlistment.

Koreans are classified among the following Grades:
  • Grade 1 to Grade 4:  Korean soldiers are on active and reservist duty.
  • Grade 5 : Korean soldiers who provide wartime labor service.
  • Grade 6 : Koreans who can not take on any military services due to a mental or a physical illness.
  • Grade 7 : A temporary grade for those who require re-evaluation after the end of their medical treatment.


Kim has finished receiving treatment, and he is regularly going for follow-up examination for his recovery. Please give your support so that kim will be able to regain his health.

~Sidus HQ(Kim’s Agency)

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Kim woo bin

The Heirs

Kim Woo Bin’s exemption from mandatory military service due to Cancer is a blessing in disguise, so that he could take an extra care on his health. Let’s pray for his healthy comeback.

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