Non-Leading Actors Who Rock in Kdramas

There are so many beautiful Korean dramas out there. Several actors gain the limelight, while great couples recieve a lot of shipping.

Apparently, some actors who are not usually seen as leads continue to catch viewers’ attention and hearts. Here are six actors, for now, who often appear in hit Kdramas we love.

Kim Won Hae

Who will ever forget this figure?

He’s one of, as many say, the scene stealers in Kdramas. No matter what kind of role he portrays, actor Kim Won Hae surely leaves a great impression to the viewers and gets their mind marked with his face.

Kim Won Hae participated in many hit Korean dramas such as in…


..Hwarang: The Poet Warrior where he played Park Seo Joon’s master before entering the palace.

Do you also remember the office worker role he played in Chief Kim?

How about the Crazy Dog detective in Black?

Who can even miss out on his role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon..

..where he played two roles– from the gangster to the gay game supervisor of Do Bong Soon.



Lastly, no one will ever forget the tearjerking scene he had in the recent hit Korean drama While You Were Sleeping.


Kim Won Hae also appeared in various Korean drama such as Plus Nine Boys, The Bride Of Habaek, Tomorrow With You, Crimimal Minds, and many more.

Ji Il Joo

His name may not be that familiar but when you see him, you will probably recognize him right away.

Yes! He played as Nam Joo Hyuk’s bestfriend in the hit korean drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo in which, for sure, you rooted for because of his chemistry with his partner.

You may be laughing at his cute charm when he did this scene!

Just recently, he was in the drama Temperature of Love.

We can’t forget also his a-bit-psycho role in Age Of Youth where he became an obsessed with his girlfriend.

He was also a part of dramas Suspicious Partner, Royal Gambler, Hotel King, and many more.

Kim Byung Chul

You must be annoyed with his villain character in the worldwide-hit series Goblin, but cannot deny how well he portrayed it!

He’s been in several Korean drama in 2016 such as 38 Squad..

..and in our loved drama Descendants Of The Sun.

He was in Shopping King Louie, The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask, Missing Noir M, and several as well.

Dong Ha

Here’s one of the most annoying characters of 2017 Kdramas, and that only proves how great of an actor he is. He played the villain in the last Kdrama of Ji Chang Wook, ‘Suspicious Partner‘, before the latter entered the military service.

You must have surely laughed at him in business-comedy drama Chief Kim.

He was actually in the medical drama Beautiful Mind.

He also appreared in various Kdramas like Glamorous Temptation, Cinderella and the Four Knights, My Love Eun Dong, and many more.

He has just been casted in the newest Kdrama Judge vs. Judge.

Sung Wook Min

Here’s the funny senior prosecutor of Jung Jae Chan in While You Were Sleeping, and there was no dull moment everytime he appears on the screen. 

You must have immediately recognized him since he has appeared in many hit Kdrama series but still remain unnamed at times.

In Pinnochio (2014), he played as Lee Jong Suk’s senior reporter.


In School 2017, he was a funny PE teacher of the leads. Aside from those, you may have seen him in Circle, Missing 9, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Prime Minister and I, Gap Dong, Temptation of Wife and many more.

Kim Sung Oh

His name may be unfamiliar as well but we can surely recognize him easily at first glance.

Kim Sung Oh appeared in many hit korean dramas, and recently in Fight My Way with the famous Aegyo couple Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

You may not remember, but he was in Secret Garden

Aside from those, he also appeared in Royal Gambler, 38 Task Force, She Was Pretty, A Gentleman’s Dignity and many more.

You can catch him today on the much-awaited fantasy drama of Lee Seung Gi, A Korean Odyssey.


Jung Hae In

Most have suffered from Second Lead Syndrome due to his character Han Woo Tak in the recently-ended Kdrama While You Were Sleeping.

Try to remember him in Bride Of The Century.

Did you search his real identity after he appeared in Goblin?

How many times did he make you fall for him in Blood?

Go see him in the ongoing drama Wise Prison Life!

Nam Da Reum

This child actor has been going places. He played the young version of Lee Jong Suk in While You Were Sleeping which made a memorable and remarkable scene: “Justice is Just ice”

In 2014, he also played the young version of Jong Suk in Pinnochio.

Whom else would you like to add?

Featured Image courtesy of Tawannanna blogspot