Obama mentioned that America’s Youth Learn Korean Because of SHINee

“Good Morning, 좋은 아침 (Joh-eun A-chim/Good morning in Korean)”

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States shows his love for Korea in the 8th Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) by saying “good morning” in Korean. Obama’s attention is welcomed by Korean people.

The former President said, “When I was President of the United States, I’ve come to Seoul four times, I’ve got things that could not be compared with some cities in American and some cities that I’ve visited before.” Then Obama continued “I really like Kimchi and Bulgogi, it shows that the Republic of Korea-United States have good alliance.”

Obama wished to meet former President of Korea, Lee Myung-bak and the new President Moon Jae-in. Afterwards, he revealed that he was happy to come along with the United States Embassy Representative for Korea who was his old friend and colleague, Mark Ripert.

Obama also said an extraordinary object during his speech. He mentioned a boy group “SHINee.”

While stating that Korea has built friendly relations with the United States, he also said “In Korea many popular movies are made, and American youth learn Korean because they know SHINee.” He continued “I also know that when SHINee in the United State, they like to eat In-N-Out Burger.”

Former President Obama said that Korea’s prosperity is associated to the extraordinary work culture, innovation, and high commitment that Koreans have in creating, and implementing the democratic laws. Korea is capable to handle free market, implement democratic law, and establish connections around the world, so the prosperity can be formed.

Obama also said, “If you look at Seoul, you will see large opportunities and culture of spirit in society, difference with the controversy, poverty, and suffering that North Koreans face as a result of inferior law enforcement and hostile to the rest of the world.

The speech became viral today, and SHINee’s Key also said thanks to Obama because was mentioned by Obama before, through his Instagram.
“Thank’s for mentioning us, Mr. Obama. SHINee will do our best for the growth of global ‘pop culture’. And Yes! We do love ‘IN-N-OUT’” he said.

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