On Recent Photos of Song-Song: Netizens Speculate Song Hye Kyo’s Pregnancy

Recent photos of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, who are set to marry this upcoming 31st of October, have surfaced online.

Uploaded in a Korean-related page in the Philippines, the photos have gone viral as evident in the abounding number of engagements it got.

Unofficial translation from Filipino:
“It’s not obvious at all that they’re happy, right? Oh wait, I can’t help but cry <crying and hearts emojis>”

Just more recently, other pages have posted some of the photos, and gave an emphasis on the actress’s abdomen. These have met more reactions from the netizens. Most were surprised.

These also caused several netizens to ask whether the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ actress is pregnant due to the alleged baby bump. Some assumed she is.

See the posts themselves to scan through the comments we cannot place here due to their being inappropriate (i.e. discussion on the couple’s romantic lives together).

Some talked about how unusual it would be if Song Hye Kyo were pregnant before the couple’s marriage.

Unofficial translation from Filipino:
“<name mentioned> OMG…. she’s already pregnant.. when she and joong ki aren’t married yet <laughing emoji>”

Unofficial translation from Filipino:
“Wahhhhh wasn’t able to wait <…> <laughing emojis>”

One offered another reason for the seemingly larger tummy of the actress.

One of the top comments shows sadness and probably disappointment on the issue.

Meanwhile, several comments display wishes of happiness for the star couple.

Is the couple now expecting a baby soon?

As they have denied dating rumors before, is this what caused the sudden wedding announcement which was roughly four months away from the date of announcement?