A Tribute Poem to the Powerduo ‘SongSong Couple’

We all want a happy ending.

Like the powerduo in the Korean Entertainment, the SongSong Couple who has reached a milestone both in their individual lives (public and private). For once, they have touched the brewer’s lives, bringing forth profound memories. And an idea of how it means to be a medical doctor, and a soldier following each other’s vow.

We were hooked by their ‘Descendants of the Sun’ story leading us to wish they end up together in real life. Speculations just came and went. Indeed, it was a miracle that does come true.

Some fans were sad, discouraged or upset upon hearing the shocking revelation–the truth about the couple’s real status in which they are truly lovers and is engaged. But this does not hinder them from supporting their idols because loving them would mean being happy for both of them.

Here is a tribute written by yours truly:


I was captivated by the light,
By the light that shines upon me,
I could not barely recall,
For such
I become an avid FAN

I have watched YOU.
One, Two, Three TIMES?
Until I,
I realized,
I was falling, MADLY
in LOVE with

They found each other through the 2016 hit Kdrama, “Descendants of the Sun”, where the two act as leads (Song Joong Ki as Shin-Jin and Song Hye Kyo as Dr. Kang Mo-Yeon).

Last October 31st, the wedding ceremony took place. They tied a knot in a private ceremony in Seoul, South Korea. Witnessing their ceremony were their closest friends from the industry and family members.

Indeed, we have our own definition of a happy ending. It could neither be visible or invisible, complicated but joyous. Still, LOVE conquers all things like the POWERDUO.