[RECOMMENDATION] Queen For Seven Days: in a Mood for Melodrama

Queen For Seven Days, jointly directed by Lee Jung-sub and Song Ji-won, weaves the real love story between King Lee Yeok and Shin Chae-kyung.

The drama aired its finale on 03.08.2017 on KBS2.

One of the most difficult productions consists of portraying the reality on screen, and Queen For Seven Days has remarkably achieved the desired results.

The best part that can be admired about this drama is the timing. The sub-plots are not dragged. Neither are there unnecessary political twists!

Story in Brief:

Chae-kyung (Park Min Young) is a happy go lucky kid who follows her heart in every situation. Despite opposition from her parents, she could not give up liking her childhood friend Prince Yeok.

The child artists were pure genius by the way.

Prince Yeok (Yeon Woo Jin), since his childhood was a vigilant kid who was molded by his family to beware of his brother Lee Yoong.
The character Lee Yoong, splendidly enacted by Lee Dong Goon, was considered an unstable king full of self-doubt. In the play to survive, he constantly tries to punish his younger brother who is his cousin and right heir to the throne.

Lee Yoong’s family, consisting of his most loyal subject Shin Soo-geun (Chae-kyung’s father), and Prince Yeok’s family which consists of his ambitious mother Dowager Queen Jasun are into the cold war to claim the throne.

Here’s the twist! It comes when Chae-kyung comes into the lives of Prince Yeok and King Lee Yong. She loves Prince Yeok, but she is the King’s extended family.

Lee Dong Goon gave some of the best screen times expressing his love for Park Min Young’s character… Of course, in his own one-sided way.

Chae-Kyung and Prince Yeok are living in the most grueling times where family connections are threatening their love for each other.


Despite Chae-kyung’s desperate efforts to re-concile the differences between brothers, she is unable to stop the inevitable.


  • Park Min Young should be given the title of “Queen of Melodrama till eternity” instead of “Queen For Seven Days.”
    Her chemistry with Yeon woo Jin was on point.
  • In a world, where we cherish Romeo-Juliet, Jane Eyre-Rochester, Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy; it was a surprising revelation that such intense love story existed back in Joseon times.
  • It was a while, that a Sageuk could struck the right chords. Throughout the drama, my eyes were moist with heart wrenching performances and beautiful background musical scores.
  • Thanks to this, I have a better vision now. (Haha)

Special Mention: Nanny is the best 🙂 Watch out for her!

Go watch this drama. Comment down your views.