Rain Cancels Concert in Manila due to Allegedly Dishonest Organizers

‘Rise 2 Shine Benefit Concert’ of “King of Kpop” Rain for Marawi City, Philippines which was supposed to happen on November 3 was cancelled. The Korean singer-actor decided to cancel his appearance on the said concert after finding out the dishonesty of one among the organizers in contract obligations.

“As the organizer KO-PH has been dishonest in fulfilling the performance contract, we have come to the decision that it is impossible to go ahead with the performance. Our decision is therefore ‘not to participate in the performance’. We hope to have understanding of the fans, and we will pay more attention and do our best to avoid such happenings in the future.”
Rain’s official website post
However, in an interview with Filipino media yesterday, the organizers said that they will re-schedule the event early next year and they will try again to bring Rain in the country.
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