Ratings are Heated Between ‘Jugglers’ and ‘Two Cops’

‘Jugglers’ keeps blooming; every episode is full of different colors and scents that keep the viewers waiting for that flower to blossom.

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On the recent episode that broadcasted on the 26th according to Neilson’s Koreas rating, KBS2 ‘Jugglers’ had ratings nationwide of 9.9% (episode 8), rising 2.2 % from previous rating 7.7% (episode 7).

Dramatic changes occurred on the recent episode. Could love be in the air?

It could be a start of a romance between Nam Chi won and his secretary Jwa Yoon Yi. The episode ended with a kiss between the two, leaving high expectations for the viewers.

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Meanwhile, ‘Jugglers ‘ is competing with MBC’S  ‘Two Cops’ that airs at the same time. The latter went down from 7.7% (episode 19) to 6.5% (episode 20).

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As both dramas were all in in their first few weeks, Jugglers is leading the way.
How will the future episodes determine the lead runner?

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